Thanks to readers

In April, I began blogging, mostly as an exercise to improve writing skills left too long unpracticed. I was also trying to sooth an occasional urge to rant about public issues. Unfortunately, the wife sometimes develops hearing deficits during moments of my best eloquence.

I first corresponded with political figures about issues that caught my attention but quickly gave that up. Mostly, it was like speaking carefully enunciated words to deaf people.

I scan many works in this blogosphere. Some contributors are prolific and ripe with intelligent commentary. Others are merely prolific. But, it doesn’t take much time to sort through twaddle to find worthwhile missives. I particularly enjoy a few career journalists who blog regularly but still uphold the need for balance, fairness and thoughtful analysis.

Yet, I also admire those who focus near unrestrained passions on particular causes. Someday, that diligence may be recognized and rewarded. If certain events are proven as shadowy as they seem, many voices will claim recognition for raising the issues. In truth, credit will belong to a few blogging expositors who refuse to be silent. They have already shamed main media for the lack of inquiry into political and economic intrigues of Campbell’s Liberal government.

Of course, what pleases any blogger most is readership. Happily, the number of visitors to Northern Insights has grown rapidly. July doubled the visitor count and almost tripled the page views, in comparison to June. Particularly to the regulars, I offer sincere thanks. I appreciate your emails and occasional comments.

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