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Extra! Extra! Canwest publishes truth

I suppose with the pending bankruptcy, job security is no longer a huge issue throughout the Canwest Global system. How else can we explain the publication of a precise and truthful report by their Campbell River Courier-Islander concerning BCUC and private power.

An op-ed written by Damien Gillis exposes in detail what the newspaper’s editors call the “shockingly dishonest” backroom deals that commit British Columbians to pay $31 billion (and counting) for power generated on public rivers by private, substantially foreign, corporations, regardless of whether or not the power is needed.

This is like me allowing a stranger to build a shed in my back yard after I agree to rent it in perpetuity for twice its market value, without regard to whether or not I need it or the fact that I could build my own for a fraction of the long term cost.

An earlier blog entry here in Northern Insights examined the inadequacy of coverage about this subject from Canwest’s larger media assets in BC. Perhaps the Courier-Islander, a small Vancouver Island paper, was not advised of the company’s mindset on BC Liberal private power programs. Or, as I implied above, the editors know that even loyalty to the company line can’t save their jobs now.

Follow the link to read Gillis’ article without delay because it will probably disappear as soon as Dennis Skulsky hears about it.

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  1. Keep up the good work. We need people like you to keep everyone informed on what is said in the rest of the province. To bad the Canwest writers waited until after the election to finally inform the people of BC what the Liberals are really about.


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