A bit dated, but fun

BOYBANDS VIDEO, a song from comedian Mitch Benn.

Ain’t it funny how time flies
Twenty minutes have gone by
Since I met these other guys
And we’ve already had a hit
And you’re listening to it
And I’m sure you think it should be number one already
I’m the one who can actually sing
I wanna get up and do my thing
But they say that I mustn’t make the other guys look bad
I’m the one who’s quiet and shy
They still let me sing but I don’t know why
And now the tune is wearing thin, the chorus should begin

And we all sing the chorus together
‘Cos we can’t do harmonies yet
And this song will stick in your head forever
Though you try so hard to forget

I’m the one they hired to dance
When they offered me the chance
To sing one verse I said no thanks
And I’m the one who wrote the song
I’m wondering where the money’s gone
And do I need these hangers-on?
I’m the one that the chicks desire
The one who sets their pants on fire
I don’t need these ugly losers standing in my way…
I’m the one that the mums adore
Are we going to split? Well I’m not quite sure
But I think I’m going to slip away and sign a solo deal today

So we’ll all sing the chorus one last time
Then we’ll go our separate ways
And we practised the harmonies for ages
Oh well they weren’t that good anyway

Off the stools!

Well I guess that it was fun while it lasted
And the song was hard to avoid
For a minute we were all lucky bleeders
But tomorrow we’re unemployed
Yes tomorrow we’re unemployed

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