Thanks to readers #2

I finished July blog entries by saying thanks because we doubled the visitor count and almost tripled the page views, in comparison to June. I’m keen to say thanks again because August showed accelerating growth with visits up 275% and page views rising almost fourfold compared to July. That proves untrue the warning a cynical friend gave me at the start. He said, “Remember, some writers can double readership by convincing their spouse to read the blog.”

I appreciate the cooperative encouragement of other bloggers. This is an interesting world of people with passion, expertise and altruism. Each might have a different approach but most share a desire to see full discussion of issues. Too often, the main media utilizes talking points provided by interested parties. The professionals have too little time and support to complete thorough examinations.

For example, a Global TV reporter this past week stated, almost as an aside, that the BCUC had ruled out production of green power in favor of running the Burrard Thermal generating station. Well, I might be outraged if that were true. But it is not.

You can bet that reporter didn’t read the BCUC’s 125 page report and its 1,400 pages of attachments. No, she would have read a one pager, prepared by someone who doesn’t want citizens to know the true and complete story. That wouldn’t serve the needs of people who pay for disinformation.

Again, particularly to regular readers, I offer sincere thanks. I appreciate your emails and occasional comments. Feedback from you will help me shape Northern Insights’ future directions.

Categories: Global, Journalism

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