Falling down on the job

Jonathon Narvey at the Vancouver Sun website asks, “What are the Olympics Protests Really About?” His main point, a good one, is that coverage of protests aimed at VANOC is unbalanced. He points to an incomplete report published, he says, in the Ottawa Citizen after rent-a-crowd demonstrators behaved badly during the Victoria Torch Relay:

Isn’t the traditional media falling down on the job here in terms of probing the protesters with basic questions?

. . . we’re treated to a story in which Olympics protesters are mostly made to look like incoherent lunatics bent on little more than venting anarchic rage against the cops (which undoubtedly some members are — but all of them?).

Narvey is s a freelance journalist so I presume Sun Editors are allowing a little gentle self-criticism without turning one regular Canwest staffer against another. Perhaps the possibility of internal tension is why Narvey blamed the distant Ottawa Citizen for the weak article even though it originated at the Victoria Times Colonist. That might have been hitting too close to home.

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