BC Liberals

Running from confusion

The Gazetteer, fellow truth-seeker RossK, recapitulates the entire story that describes actions of the PurveyorsOfPublically-PromotedPleasurePalaces, or, as RossK also calls the story, Casino Royale.  The evidence of influence peddling is clear, the conflicts of interest are clear. Business is operating as usual in Gordon Campbell’s world.

Maybe Justice Braidwood needs a break after finishing his report on the YVR incident and all that accompanies it. However, citizens need a person of high reputation to examine this affair.  Braidwood could be that person. We know that the people in the provincial government who ordinarily control administration of the justice system are also those who have subverted it. BC Liberals have no role to play in investigating the frauds of BC Liberals.

Start on the home page and follow the links step by step through this marathon.

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