Gulf oil spill

Chevron Canada promises extra care as they drill 70% deeper than BP

ProPublica is the single best news source for information on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, about questionable drilling practices by the ungoverned oil and gas industry and about biased and inadequate reporting about the industry by traditional media.

Today, ProPublica offers Regulators Let Industry Drill Deeper, Despite Safety Concerns and Unproven Fixes. It describes how deep water drilling has become increasingly common yet the industry and regulators have little idea of how to respond to complications. If the difficulty is an unconstrained high pressure blowout such as that now dumping oil into the Gulf of Mexico, disaster is certain because, as one participant admits, the industry lacks capability to cope with deep spills.

This inability is demonstrated by BP’s failure to place a 100 ton concrete and steel funnel over the uncontrolled well. Because of the high pressure at 5,000 feet, water-based solids resembling ice formed inside the funnel and thwarted the attempt. That apparatus has now been pushed aside as BP tries to find alternative control methods and spreads various chemicals, many with toxic qualities, as oil dispersants.
As war against devastation is waged this week in the Gulf of Mexico, Chevron Canada begins deep water drilling at 8,500 feet, in Orphan Basin, 430 kilometers northeast of St. John’s Newfoundland. Canadians are in luck though. Chevron has promised to be extra careful. Good thing too because any problems experienced there will be near impossible to resolve.

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  1. Norman, Chevron (and BP if they get to drill in the Arctic) can hope that if accidents happen in the north, that they happen in winter. Then it will be dark most of the day and all of the night and they won't suffer the embarrassment of planes filming and then broadcasting their mess to the world. In the Arctic they could be even luckier and all the iccky stuff would be hidden under the ice. Of course there aren't that many nosy people in the north either and the DOF has taken care of killing off all the Atlantic Cod already – sounds like a win- win to me – for the greed bags planet destroyes, that is!

    If nobody sees it there's obviusly no problem!


  2. I am amazed at the response from the right wing types when critisism was beginning to be made against off-shore drilling. How dare anyone capitalize on this disaster? It seems this spill isn't bad enough to change anything…..

    Do Americans even realize how fascist they are and the inherent dangers that come along with it?


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