Story the Vancouver Sun did not want you to read – It’s back

VICTORIA — The average B.C. household could take a hit of $521 to its bottom line next year as a result of the harmonized sales tax, according to a model prepared for the Victoria Times Colonist newspaper by Statistics Canada.

The change could range anywhere from $78 for households with single parents and one child to $801 for a married couple with no children, the figures show.

(You cannot) Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/households+hard+analysis+shows/3183438/story.html#ixzz0rYg1llvN

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  1. Good stuff Norman…I been trying to get this story into the public domain all day.

    I have the story cut and pasted on a post behind the scenes, but….

    Since you have it here I won`t post it.

    Thanks again for staying vigilant, I am still waiting to hear from Patricia Graham(editor -in-chief) of the Vancouver Sun, she hasn`t returned my emails yet…

    I suspect Campbell was behind the purge, imagine the strings Campbell pulled to get the Fraser institute to do such a shoddy report that doesn`t make any sense….

    CKNW headlined their news broadcast all day with the Fraser institute report, the Province newspaper ran with the Fraser report too…

    And on the same day the unbiased Stats Canada slaughters the Fraser institute report with a factual report…

    Gordon Campbell must have soiled shorts tonight…

    By the way, even with those shocking facts from Stats Canada….They arrive at those numbers by taking a leap of faith, they assumed that business will pass on every dollar of savings to consumers, that won`t happen, so the real numbers are even worse than Stats Canada is reporting! And they didn`t take in account housing costs!

    Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


  2. BC Liberals are so far removed from reality.

    Send them to a deserted island I say. All of 'em. They can eat each other…and charge HST, of course!



  3. When the mainstream media cut and/or delete stories that are contrary to their political bent, democracy as we wishes we knew, is no more.

    To post it and then cut it certainly shows why I will never subscribe to the Vancouver Sun again!

    Makes the Fraser Institute look rather silly doesn't it; but then, they have always been rather silly.


  4. As a business owner I have no plans of lowering any pricing and nor do any that I have talked to. Costs to small businesses are going up continually through fuel and insurance and now wage increases to cover the very low estimates of costs to families by StatsCan. Campbell and his lot have merely “paid the pipers” with an award of a tax break taken totally on the backs of workers. Factor in “world price” commodities and you will see no lower prices at all. The Fraser Institute hasn't got a clue.


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