A hiatus, sort of

It seems only a short while since I began Northern Insights / Perceptivity but that was 17 months and more than 500 articles ago. Last week, when Sean Holman invited me do a guest segment with Laila Yuile on Public Eye Radio, he referred to us both as “veteran bloggers” and I took that as a compliment. I’m sure Laila did as well.

Years ago, after a few ski lessons, the instructor said, “Now, go and put on mileage.” Writing is like that too and Northern Insights is the means to gain mileage for my scribblings. It’s done that to my satisfaction and I’ve been honored by a growing audience. I don’t expect readers to agree with all or most of my interpretations and opinions. In fact, I’m sure you don’t. However, I try to be factually accurate, which means that even an article that is a quick read may take hours of preparation.

With the summer soon ending, Northern Insights is going on hiatus. It won’t be complete since I’ll be following the news and unlikely to resist commenting on breaking stories, especially if the good ship BC Liberal splits its keel suddenly. However, I plan time away from the blog. I promised to do a little clean up at home and I have a research project to pursue. Additionally, my wife and I signed up for a short immersion in language training. I have already a pathetic grasp of French – it was sufficient at least to recover an impounded rental car in Lyon – but now there is an urge to know a few words of Spanish. Since my capacity for multi-tasking has gone AWOL, attention to the blog will be minimized during September.

I remember words of Mark Twain from 1869:

What a robust people, what a nation of thinkers we might be, if we would only lay ourselves on the shelf occasionally and renew our edges!
– The Innocents Abroad

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  1. Enjoy your down time as much as I enjoy reading your articles. Just this morning I was thinking, wouldn't it be great if somehow we could get more people to read the Blogs as opposed to the MSM. I have over a dozen bloggers that I check every morning and then later if I have time I will check the other guys ( MSM ) to see how they're spinning the news.
    Thanks Norm, enjoy yourself & family.

    Guy in Victoria


  2. You will be missed, Norm. I think that when you come back it would be great if you, Laila, B.C. Mary, Kootcoot, and all the others could join forces and come together to form a newspaper style blog.


  3. Norm, enjoy your time off – it's very well deserved. We'll miss your insight, and incredible communication skills…it's enough to know you're coming back a rested man. All the best to you and Mrs. Norman.



  4. As others have pointed out you will be missed Norm. I've been kinda on hiatus myself, except when something comes along about which I just have to express myself.

    I hope your adventures in “meatspace” are rewarding and bring a re-invigorated Norm back to Northern Insights (not that you “need” re-invigoration).

    I'm hoping that I'm totally re-invigorated when the BC Rail Kabuki Theatre fires up again next month.


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