Laila Yuile

Laila Yuile’s big story

Who knows what it might be? Laila Yuile is promising to break  broke a big story this week, perhaps Tuesday. Considering the demotion of Martyn Brown, the Cabinet shuffle, the apparent end of Kash Heed’s political career and, of course, the bribes for bribes cases (BCR & ALR) tossed in the dumper after a generous taxpayer contribution of $6 million, Laila must have has quite a story.

Stay tuned and keep your eye on Laila’s blog, another antidote to political reporting in BC’s mainstream media.

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  1. Yes it is and, not only is the information being revealed that taxpayers are paying a private operator for every vehicle which travels the road but they are collecting video records, license plate monitoring, passenger data, travel times etc.

    Big Brother has arrived and taxpayers are paying for it.

    Of course, the privacy concerns are clear. They have been storing information about people movements and presumably allowing the private highway operator access to all that information.


  2. Big Brother is one thing.

    But can somebody please tell me why me and mine are paying the freight for all those finest-of-the-fine folks in the German SUV's who speed up and down that road to make sure they aren't late for their dates with the Apres-Ski Bunny?




  3. The Liberal government can charge higher tolls on the Fraser River crossings so they have money to pay shadow tolls for the skiers. That's fair because two lift tickets for a single day are over $150. And, the better hotel rooms cost $300 a night or more and, geez, you should see the price of drinks in Whistler.

    Surely skiers shouldn't be expected high prices and road tolls too. That's not fair.


  4. Oh, another breaking story from a wingnut? Bill Boring will not comment on it because it didn't come from official sources, such as the PAB.

    Here is another example of the intrepid bloggist, reporting a News Breaking story, only to be ignored by the mainstream media.

    Adiós Vancouver Sun, your ship has sailed and will soon disappear over the horizon of mediocrity.


  5. You'd think with the kind of info they're collecting on shadow tolls they could be making more money by setting up a photo radar camera, or maybe that's exactly what they have in store for us with their new purchases of the photo radar cameras. Here's some info:
    Horseshoe Bay – P-15-5NS – N, P-15-5NS
    Posted Speed = 80 kph

    80.10-85 283 119 164 119 164
    85.10-90 63 35 28 35 28
    90.10-95 11 7 4 7 4
    95.10-100 2 1 1 1 1
    100.10-105 0 0 0 0 0
    105.10-110 1 1 0 1 0
    110.10-120 0 0 0 0 0
    120.10-999.90 1 1 0 1 0

    Speed Bracket Total Direction E/W


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