Some chicken, some neck

People in the alternative media, including your modest servant at In-Sights, have taken pleasure in recent political developments here in BC. Everyone knows that the mainstream media, with near unanimity, has supported Gordon Campbell and his government through thick and thin, or recently, through thin and thinner.

It must be discouraging to newspaper editorial writers, columnists, talk show hosts, etc. that, despite their constant singing of praises for their political hero, the great unwashed of the province wasn’t buying.  I mentioned Campbell’s 9% approval rating to one of his supporters recently. She responded, “No, no. It’s 12% according to our polls.”

So, despite the old boys describing alternative media participants as wingnuts and nincompoops, the people who count, the voters, have taken the side of the wingnuts. That must hurt the higher purpose people something awful.

It did remind me though of an old story by Winston Churchill about when the British people had been written off as doomed.  The old man said that, when the French army collapsed early in WWII:

Their generals told their Prime Minister and his divided Cabinet,  In three weeks England will have her neck wrung like a chicken. Some chicken; some neck.

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  1. Norm, these supporters of the professional Liar Campbell need to be called out. They currently hide behind the paper they work for. These same people need to be shamed by their neighbours and friends.

    If you happen to know a LIAR LIB supporter, then do not allow them in your home. Do not perform any service work for them. Do not build their home. Do not have any neighbourly interaction over the fence. They are counting on the goodness of the Canadian way. It is time to stop, as they too, will not stop at anything to continue the theft and lies from our BC. I think public shaming fits in with a Canadian way, no violence required.


  2. There is no way, you can shame a dictator and fascists. The normal decent people of BC, don't seem to understand, the total evil of Campbell, Hansen, De Jong and the BC Liberals. Was Hitler or Stalin shamed? No, they were not, those kind of people have no sense of honesty and decency, anywhere in their bones. Was it, beneath their dignity, to lie, deceive and cheat to win? Again no, it was not. The newspapers, have no good honest journalism anymore. Never again will I believe anything they print. Radio and the TV media, some of them are boycotted, for their bias. Do not buy any of the products, their sponsers are selling. To hell with the media being involved with Campbell and the BC Liberals.


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