BC Liberals

Can BC politicians be honest for once?

Carole James was affirmed with a resounding vote of the NDP’s Provincial Council. To those of us not members of that party, it may seem to matter little. However, British Columbia is being governed by the dysfunctional BC Liberal Party while our official opposition is the dysfunctional NDP.

It matters, people, it matters much. Real public business is being ignored.

Notice that political gossip and speculation has seized attention of the mainstream media. They love this stuff. It is so much easier than real journalism and offends no one beyond a few partisans.

Without prattle, the Davies Commission and the tragic death of Frank Paul and, even worse, the twelve-year-long studied concealment of official guilt, would be on the front page.  Or, we could be examining Stephen Harper’s broken promises about withdrawal from Afghanistan or his hypocrisy when, as PM of the country with the weakest anti-corruption laws of G20 nations, he told NATO it should pay more attention to Afghani corruption.

I suggest a solution for MLAs of the two main political parties of British Columbia:

Decide now if you can support your party, its stated policies and its leader. If YES, cooperate fully with your colleagues. If NO, resign from caucus, sit as an Independent. Don’t sit with one foot in and one foot out.  Be honest to the electorate and get back to the public’s business.

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  1. Huzzah, Huzzah, Norm.

    I especially like and agree with your last paragraph. Unfortunately, I do not think many politicians are honest enough to do it – LIEberals Cabinet members would loss some big bucks, and money comes way, way before integrity and principals. Some of the more extreme NDP MIGHT go, and they should.


  2. Bennett was wise in, deserting the rat infested ship, the BC Liberal party, which Campbell worked diligently to destroy. Campbell works for Harper now, and can have a job, down east with Harper at any time he chooses. Mind you, the east is disenchanted with Harper, as we are in BC. Canada needs a good purge, to be rid of the corruption. Big business is destroying Canada. However, big business has the big bucks, to pay the political party, that favors them the most. It is the average guy, that has to pay for all of this corruption. BC people, have been stolen blind. Campbell hasn't left the citizens, enough money to live on. Evictions and utility cut offs have already started. What will the disaster of the century be? The Gulf oil spill or Campbell?


  3. Norm wrote: Carole James was affirmed with a resounding vote of the NDP's Provincial Council. To those of us not members of that party, it may seem to matter little.

    To this nonpartisan, and to many others with whom I have contact, it matters a great deal. We're not foolish enough to think that who leads one of the two major party contenders to form government doesn't matter. That person could ultimately become premier.

    A government headed by James makes me cringe. She hasn't been a leader so far, not of her party and not as the leader of an effective election campaign. She has demonstrated, through two elections and in between, abysmal political acumen.

    For voters in this province, the situation is dire.

    As for today's predictable result – can anyone remember a leadership review that hasn't maintained the status quo? -, the BC Liberals must be gleefully filling champagne glasses.


  4. Once again you are so right Norm. For the life of me I can't understand why people allow these politicians to play games, while taking home very decent pay cheques. It seems not a day goes by that politicians at all levels are fighting an election or defending some idiotic decision or statement. Why do we put up with this ? Is it because we live in Canada ? The land of complacency.

    Guy in Victoria


  5. The thing is….Bennett can sit as an independent and has a shot at winning.

    In contrast, most of the folks Norman is asking to do the right thing are actually creatures of their party and they know it.

    In other words, the great majority of them are more like Brenzinger than Bennett.

    And they know that too.



  6. What can we do about political games? There is very little we can do about it. Politicians do not honor the Constitution. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from us. There is no longer, Democracy and Freedom in this country. Politicians feel quite free to lie to their citizens. Their corruption is in our face obvious, however,politicians have no shame. Canada has produced the worst governing officials, since the war. BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. Campbell is a dictator, and his ministers, shamefully back that ogre up. De Jong's out and out corruption regarding the BCR, is one of the most blatant, ugly cover ups, this country has ever seen. This is what Canada represents, lies, deceit, in our faces corrupt. Harper has destroyed our country's reputation, and dragged all of us through, his muck. Campbell purposefully, belittled Bennett. Campbell's ugly, spite, malice, hate and vindictive personality, is a certain fascists double.


  7. Hey Norman..You seem pretty good at finding land titles..If I remember correctly, Moira Stillwell who has just thrown her hat in the BC Leadership campaign.

    Between her and her husband ..I recall something about them owning many, many properties, several condos and a couple of homes…Jealous I am not.

    My point is, Moira Stilwell is no pauper, her riding is Langara…She has no idea how the majority of BCers live…Pay cheque to pay cheque…

    Let me know if you find anything,that is if your interested, by no means am I pressuring you, you are just better at it than me.



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