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Pot reproaches kettle for looking black

News item:

Fraser-Nicola New Democrat MLA Harry Lali says he and other MLAs are disappointed and feel a sense of betrayal for being singled out as dissidents. Powell River MLA Nicholas Simons also complained that he was “outed” as a dissident.

In an exclusive interview with Northern Insights, Mr. Lali offered additional comments:

“Our group ran a very quiet campaign against the leader. We complained to others mostly behind closed doors and we leaked criticism of Carole only to a few members of the media. We never once stood up in public and said bad things about Carole. We only did those things behind her back. Well, maybe not everything but most.

“Sure, we might have sent negative signals on the TV news but who knew that cameras would be present when Katrine Conroy resigned as Whip. No one besides Katrine had prepared anything to say. And the timing of that was not intended to embarrass Carole before the Provincial Council meeting. It just seemed that way. The issue of Bob Simpson had just arisen but Bob’s been a pain in the ass for years so we think Carol should have grown used to him. Maybe, she’s too thin skinned.

“For us, the issue is strong leadership. We want the party led by someone who would object to people causing internal disruption and taking the focus off the Liberal Government. Also, we think the leader should come from one of the under-represented groups of Canadian politics, perhaps a woman or someone with sensitivity to aboriginals and other minorities. Additionally, this is a time when the leader should be very experienced and know about issues that effect the entire province, not someone who has been focused on local issues.”

A member of Simons’ constituency said he had some sympathy for the dissenters:

“We have always supported the protection of privacy of people who lead a double life, where they are dissidents but maybe still have relations with loyalists. However in circumstances where you are a member of a political party which openly espouses loyalty, then we think it is entirely justifiable that members of that party be outed.”

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  1. “We want the party led by someone who would object to people causing internal disruption and taking the focus off the Liberal Government.”

    Wow. Just wow. That some gall.


  2. Are you sure you actually spoke to Lali? Or have you just contrived the above as a poor jab at humour?

    Because the above sounds unlike anything that Lali would say and frankly something is wrong here. I'm gonna e-mail Lali this link for his response.


  3. Ha! I like this Norman. Not many people could pull off such an effective post.

    I have to say something about the NDP. As most people know,I worked hard prior to the last election blogging about many issues the MSM wouldn't touch during the campaign, as did many other bloggers.

    The NDP would send me press releases,links etc, in an unofficial basis, and I would write about things I felt were important,which was not everything that was sent my way.

    Perhaps this is coincidental, but after I publically stated my lack of support for Moe Sihota earlier this year, and my since lack of faith in Carole, I no longer get anything from the NDP press office, and in fact, no one I have contacted about any of the issues I have brought into the public eye has even bothered to acknowledge my emails. Not one word. Nothing. It is as if I am persona non grata with the NDP. And certainly,I have not gone Liberal or any other party.

    I think this speaks volumes,and it will be hard for them to get their messages out if this is indicative of how independent media is treated.


  4. Good for you Norm. I appreciate all the hundreds of hours, you must put in, to bring the truth to the BC people. You do good solid research.




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