Liberal parallels

Graeme Hamilton, National Post, writes about the stain of suspected corruption in Quebec:

“. . . the Quebec Federation of Labour joins, among others, the three opposition parties in the National Assembly, Quebec’s municipalities and associations representing provincial police officers and Crown prosecutors in seeking an inquiry.

That leaves Jean Charest’s Liberal government as the only holdout. Again on Wednesday, it brushed off demands for an inquiry. . . “

Neal Hall of the Vancouver Sun

“. . . the [Basi/Virk/BC Rail]  trial ended with a “whimper,” renewing NDP calls for a public inquiry into the sale of B.C. Rail.

But there will be no public inquiry into the issues surrounding the sale of B.C. Rail, [Liberal leadership candidate and] Attorney-General Mike de Jong announced . . .

Ian Bailey of the Globe and Mail writes:

Asked about her position on holding an inquiry into the BC Rail issue,  [Liberal leadership candidate Christy] Clark said the matter was closed by the government’s decision not to do so.

Ms. Clark has been linked to the case because the home office of her brother, [Liberal fundraiser] Bruce Clark, was searched when police raided the legislature in December, 2003. The same day police also visited the home office of [Liberal strategist] Mark Marissen, then married to Ms. Clark, but did not serve a warrant.

Alex G. Tsakumis begins a series about why the BC Liberal government is holding out, refusing an inquiry into the sale of BC Rail to one of their major fundraisers.

“. . . this gives you a clear opening indication that many of the reasons [Liberal leadership candidate Christy] Clark doesn’t want a BC Rail inquiry is because so many that surround her are either inextricably intertwined or are connected to this by being connected to her inner circle.

It shows you the beginning of a pattern that over the next several days will reveal itself for the political network cover-up that has taken place. . . “

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  1. The sale of the BCRail and the resulting “trial”, smacks of a cover-up. Especially when the accused are given a sweet-heart pay out by the Liberals. I wonder how they “survived” for over 6 years without a paycheque? or wee they in fact on some kind of pay-roll along. How did they hold onto all their property? Everything about the Scandal smells to high heaven. Of course they ( liberals) don't want to have a public enquiry. Airing this would do so much damage. But the public has a right to know how GC sold off this valuable BC assets to his buddies.


  2. When governments become corrupt, they cease to be government and instead overseers. The trade the democratic process of totalitarianism, afraid of the truth and passing more onerous and seemingly meaningless laws to pretend that the government still exists.

    When the law of the land ceases to be adhered to, government becomes lawless. The wealthy and elite classes service because they can afford all the law they can, while the lower classes suffer great persecutions because they cannot afford the law.

    When over 30% of the population demand change, but are ignored or persecuted, the seeds of revolution are sown.

    Contempt of the legitimates rights of the people are ignored or trampled on, is the stuff of great revolutions and the clock is ticking down in Canada.


  3. Hi Norm,

    I would like to refer you and your readers to an excellent quote from today's stellar column by Mr Iain Hunter of The Times Colonist.

    “I see someone had the sense to ask Christy Clark, the unelected member from CKNW, about a public inquiry into the B.C. Rail affair. She said the matter's closed because “the government” decided against one. Not good enough, lady, especially not for one related to people once interviewed by police in the matter. We want leaders who'll flaunt their integrity, not dismiss it. Honour in politics must be proved.”

    Link here


    Btw, I appreciate your research and analysis, especially on Hydro/IPP deals. Great stuff.




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