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Perhaps this comes from mice while cats are away

Editors of North Shore News, a free community paper owned by Postmedia Network Inc., finally paid close attention to the Basi/Virk BC Rail scandal December 26. This is an editorial that opens:

Alex Tsakumis, freelance commentator and former Socred operative, …managed to get his hands on some big greasy chunks of political coal. Call them the Basi leaks…

…Tsakumis’ revelations do settle one question once and for all: the people of B.C. were denied their day in court and this sordid story needs to be told. We need a public inquiry.”

Is this one more tributary forming an indisputable stream of demand for a formal inquiry or small scale conscience soothing by a media corporation that routinely spiked reports associating fraud and the government’s sale of BC Rail. Perhaps Postmedia wants to be able to say:

This is proof that our newspapers did not treat BC Rail with one centrally imposed viewpoint.

Live link to Elizabeth James column in North Shore News, referenced in comments by “North Van Grumps.”

I don’t know if PostMedia is publishing Elizabeth James in other community papers but they should. Her column of independent thought is always worth reading. This one, for example.

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  1. The “Evil eye” has been told that the stench from the BC Rail sale and trial is all so overpowering that many documents are being leaked to get a groundswell of public demand for an inquiry.

    The “Eye” knows a lot which he cannot write about, lest you must delete it for legal reasons, but if what the “Eye” has been told is true, it will be devastating to the BC Liberals as well as CN Rail.

    There is a legal maxim that goes like this; “if a contract for asale is illegal, then the sale is no sale and the goods return to the original owner.”

    (He told me it in Latin!!)

    Thus if the sale of BC Rail was illegal, then CN Rail must return BC Rail and all its assets back to the government. This is also true of land sales of BC Rail property!

    No wonder the Liberals do not want an inquiry, it not a matter of a few politicians going to jail, rather it could be the return of BC Rail (in its entirety) and the possible bankrupting of CN Rail (and its share holders). The stakes are very high indeed.

    This is why Gordo was forced to leave, because the odor of BC Rail was hanging way to close to him and the real people who run the government were afraid that if he remained, the public demand for an inquiry would be overwhelming.

    Even the Liberal friendly mainstream media must come to grips with the BC Rail fiasco and start reporting, lest the public abandon them forever.

    The next few months will see what more damning evidence appears and if the documents that the “Eye” was told that existed, it could very well mean a criminal investigation of the BC liberal party; many judges in the courts and the RCMP!

    The world is watching to see if BC is a democracy or a 3rd world dictatorship.

    If the former, many corporations will leave our shores for more dishonest locals and if the latter happens, it will be business as usual.


  2. Hi Norm.I've never posted on your blog before but as one North Van resident to another-thanks to you and Laila for doing the work you do.Anyway,on to topic at hand.I thought I was the only one who noticed the North Shore News finally waking up and doing what they and the rest of the MSM should've doing all along.You're right-this could be all for show just so they can say “look,we're independent!” or it could be that Millerchip and Peters are actually reading your blog and not just North VancouverPolitics.com for their editorials!


  3. “Si contrahit in venditio illicita tunc venditio non venierit et bona redire ad pristinum dominum”

    “if the documents that the “Eye” was told that existed, it could very well mean a criminal investigation of the BC liberal party; many judges in the courts and the RCMP!”

    Well lets hope there is a WikiLeaks-like torrent of files regarding the BC Rail.


  4. Campbell's assets should be seized. He should do a long stretch in prison, for fraudulently selling the BCR. That is grand larceny, corruption, and treason. All of those involved, should be heavily fined. De Jong should also be in prison for fraud. He did the most blatant cover-up for Campbell, it was sickening. He also thieved the tax payers dollars, to pay all of the expenses for two of the criminals, Basi and Virk. That money had better, be given back to the BC people. The BC Liberals, should be driven, out of our province.


  5. Beware the media that claims that an enquiry is only wanted by the NDP.
    Not so!
    The theft of our railway is from everyone in BC, no matter what your colour.
    New Years resolution….jail time for all the corrupt politicians (it's OK, we'll find new ones).


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