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  1. No difference between Falcon and Campbell, Falcon is the same type of vulture, Campbell is. We must remember, the candidates all supported the vulture Campbell. They supported Campbell on the fact, BC has over 121.000, children living in poverty. Those children, are so hungry they are unable to do their school work. They all support the HST, which is the most asinine tax, in Canadian history. BC people drop millions of dollars, shopping in the U.S.A, because of the HST. People close to Alberta, shop there because of the HST. Businesses are sill closing their doors, because of the HST. BC is rock bottom, dead last of all the provinces, because of the HST. BC had the most job losses, in Dec. Jan. will have a huge, job loss, because of the HST. Campbell and Hansen's election lie, the HST wasn't on their radar. We now know, the HST papers, were on Hansen's desk before the election. Campbell, Hansen and Harper, all lied about the HST. The three of them colluded on the HST, before the election. The HST radar papers, went to Harper, faster than the speed of light. The debate in the Legislature, was cut off. Of course, Campbell pulled a Harper, he made himself scarce, while someone else did his dirty work for him. Strangely, Campbell and Harper have the same affliction, they refuse to be present, to answer the tough questions, they run and hide. Falcon will carry on with, Campbell's evil agenda. No further investigation of, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR? Hmmmm They must have a lot of corruption to hide. Well, we know they do.


  2. And Norman, oddly enough that link to elections BC scanned documents in a pdf form, suddenly is giving a “Bad Gateway” link. Luckily I have a print screen, but if anyone can get that document, or find an answer why that happened, I would love to hear it. Very odd, dontcha think?


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