BC Liberals

Introducing tthe 35th Premier of British Columbia

I’ve hinted about the BC Liberal Government becoming porous as moral conflict rises among insiders displeased with its ethical standards. For the few individuals who gain, many others feel shamed by dishonorable conduct.

Right now Alex Tsakumis is publishing material that will kneecap the outsider perceived to be most popular among leadership candidates. However, contamination will spread beyond Christy Clark’s coattails.  Collateral damage clearly wipes out Mike de Jong’s already small prospects. As former Attorney General, he presided over the corrupt and incompetent Criminal Justice Branch that bought the Basi/Virk plea bargain and botched numerous prosecutions. The latest is against RCMP Cst. Geoff Mantler, caught on video booting the face of a compliant citizen against whom police finally admit they have no charges. Almost two months has passed and CJB still has not approved prosecution of the police officer.

Kevin Falcon, Gordon Campbell’s junior varsity shadow, is clearly the choice of money people such as oil and gas magnates who are forced to deal with reduced royalties, eliminated provincial sales tax and lower corporate income taxes while prices for their products rise. Luckily for them, the people of BC are kicking in with hundreds of millions more through the infrastructure royalty credit program. Producers use the roads. They shouldn’t have to pay for them too.

However, the Liberal effort to walk away from BC Rail scandals continues to fail. While Campbell wears that project most of all, Falcon, his closest associate among leadership candidates, will pay a price with ordinary party members. Unless the Liberal voting register has been thoroughly corrupted by party insiders, Falcon will finish strong on the first ballot but his support will not grow.

That leaves George Abbott as the likely victor and 35th Premier of BC.

I should add one further consideration. If Abbott’s campaign team is blamed for the information leaks targeting Christy Clark, he may lose second ballot support from her people. That would give Falcon an opportunity.

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  1. “Abbott as 35th Premier of BC.”

    I came to that conclusion a well… about a week ago it seemed tike the negatives on Falcon and Krispy Clark were on the rise…


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