Reviews needed urgently

Ben Parfitt and The Tyee make an important contribution, Our Water Secretly Sucked Away by Shale Gas Industry, showing how the BC Liberal government operates in secret to serve the oil and gas industry. They are ignoring safety and environmental issues and ignoring court mandated responsibility to consult fully with affected First Nations. Additionally, they are giving vast quantities of fresh water to industry without receiving compensation for its great economic value. This is a hidden subsidy to mostly foreign owned companies that export profits almost free of income taxes.

“. . . important decisions on water allocations are being made without the public even being told that applications have been filed, let alone being provided an opportunity to review and comment on the proposals.

“Of greater concern, the paucity of data plays out against a backdrop of increasing environmental, public health and safety problems associated with fracking operations in the United States and Canada, including here in B.C. Problems . . . [have been] traced to discharges of highly toxic fracking wastewater into rivers and streams.

“. . . In some cases, the time between when a company applied for large volumes of water and the OGC approved such applications was just 24 hours. Individual First Nations only found out that such was the case months later, and only then after filing information requests with the commission.”

Northern Insights has been drawing readers’ attention to concerns about fracking since 2009, relying primarily on ProPublica, the non-profit investigative news service in the USA.
 Read more here.

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  1. It is interesting that Liberals can make a decision on giving away water in less than 24 hours and haven't found time to raise the minimum wage in a decade.


  2. I am saddened beyond belief by assault on nature that abounds on this planet. We are ill served by governments that allow this destruction.


  3. This is something that has been bothering me. Is the Site C Dam going to supply water to, the dirty Alberta tar sands? I thought I heard that, right after California refused Campbell?

    From space the tar sands are an abomination, on the face of our country. The eco damage is horrendous. We know Campbell signed in favor for, the dirty oil tankers from China, to come into our beautiful coastal waters. So, the pipeline in that case would be built. Harper and Campbell are also, working on gas and oil wells, to be drilled off BC's coast. There was an earthquake of 6.1, off the Queen Charlotte's. That seems more than a little stupid. Christy says, she is going to tackle Harper, to expand the Prosperity Mine. However, I read quite some time back. Ottawa left the back door open, saying the expansion could be reapplied for. We shall see, if any of this will happen. Has anyone seen the pictures of the damage, the run of the rivers are doing? Harper and Campbell should be kicked right off the planet.


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