Watchdogs against evil, not

This is from the Statement of Principles of the Canadian Newspaper Association.

“However, the operation of a newspaper is a public trust and its overriding responsibility is to the society it serves.

“The newspaper plays many roles: a watchdog against evil and wrongdoing, an advocate for good works and noble deeds, and an opinion leader for its community.

“The newspaper should strive to paint a representative picture of its diverse communities, to encourage the expression of disparate views and to be accessible and accountable to the readers it serves, whether rich or poor, weak or powerful, minority or majority.

“When published material attacks an individual or group, those affected should be given an opportunity to reply.”

In my experience, Postmedia Newspapers choose to be unaccountable to the readers it serves. The Vancouver Sun editorial page discourages expression of disparate views. The paper provides a direct pipeline to ideologues favored by the editors, most particularly the Fraser Institute. The Sixth Estate described this well in an earlier comment at Northern Insights:

“The proliferation of think tanks over the last decade — MEI, AIMS, Frontier Centre, Macdonald-Laurier Institute — implies a diversity of views, but in reality they’re all dependent on virtually an identical small base of donors and are expressing more or less the same views.”

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  1. What really frustrates me is that I can find out that information in a matter of minutes using only the Internet. The fact that newspapers don't provide similar background when covering think tanks (which they invariably refer to as “independent”) suggests either that modern journalists are even less competent than I imagined, or that this is information they don't want their readers to have.


  2. The media are a disgrace to their professions. In BC they are only a propaganda tool, for the BC Liberals. The media in BC are pathetic, laughable, and not trusted by the BC citizens. When the BC Liberals are run out of this province. They can go to hell, for their biased treachery, towards the BC people. Shame on them.


  3. Norm,
    I appreciate what you do greatly and as always a very relevant and important subject. I really think the way to deal with these people is to embarrass them to death and that seems to be what is indeed happening!
    Take Care Norm


  4. The media has lost the good will of the BC citizens. What I am curious about…What happens to the media, when the BC Liberals are out of office? I don't understand, their bias against the people. Years in the past, the media used to jump all over government corruption, and exposed the guilty. These days, they kick the citizens in the face, and protect government corruption. Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, the media say nothing. The BCR trial, stopped suddenly, nothing from the media. De Jong, using tax payers dollars, to pay the two patsies legal costs, again nothing. It's blatantly obvious, Campbell thieved the BCR and sold it. Well I guess, Campbell and the Liberals, are beneath contempt and the media is comfortable being with Campbell etal….


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