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  1. It scares me to death, just looking at the photo and the diagram.

    Those tankers from China are massive. I have read, those sea waters are treacherous. The channel very narrow, high winds and huge waves. Fall and winter is very stormy. They said, those seas, are the most dangerous seas, in the world. That, navigating those seas is down right scary.

    I also read, Enbridge has the highest number of pipe bursts, of all the other company's. The pipeline has to cross thousands of, rivers, streams and across a vast expanse of lands. It can also be days, before a pipe burst is found.

    Campbell's new job, High Commissioner of England. He is to promote the dirty tar sands. So, there may be a British fleet of tankers too. The Brits are dead set against the dirty tar sands oil, coming to England. They have demonstrated their protests, at the High Commissioners office.

    Campbell will not be welcomed in London. The Brits don't take the government crap, as Canadians do. And, London's paparazzi, isn't bought off either.

    Europe, is also angry at England. There was a ban, against the dirty tar sands oil. England has broken their word.

    Scientists have found, acid in the sea right up to the shores of BC. They were shocked, they thought the acid would be way out in the deep. The coral, is also turning brown. The sea has absorbed all the carbon monoxide, it can bear. Our oceans are dying. We must cut fossil fuel use, 80% by 2020. However, at the rate the destruction is traveling, it may be much before 2020.

    At some point, the preservation of our planet, must trump greed. We should be using, mega renewable energy, starting right now.


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