A simple truth

For British Columbia Liberals, the BC Rail/Basi/Virk story is like a slow growing cancer. Left unresolved, it is metastasizing, nudging the afflicted party toward an inevitable conclusion.

I’ve tried to understand why Liberals, or at least ethical members within the party, have not demanded an end to this distress through a public inquiry that would label the villains and clear the innocents. Why put up instead with stalling and evasion of responsibility that tars all? I put that question to a person with a direct connection to the Liberal caucus. The response:

“More than anything, they hope to survive and they realize, if the full truth emerges, the Liberal Party is history and their political careers ended.”

Obviously, this story will not go away. The circumstantial evidence of political and economic fraud at the heart of the Liberal government is extensive, so pervasive that no reasonable person can deny it.

Liberals missed the opportunity for confession and absolution after caucus pushed Gordon Campbell out the door. MLA’s knew that Christy Clark’s assumption of leadership ended opportunities to clean the slate. Her own involvement in the railway scandal meant that cover-up would continue. With exception of the obtuse Harry Bloy, caucus rejected Clark’s candidacy in the leadership race. Liberal MLA’s understood her culpability in the scandal that continues to undermine the party. They tried to establish new directions but the party leadership wanted more of the same.

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  1. It is sad, but your post should be on the front pages of the two daily fish-wraps, but it will never be as the two daily fish-wraps have been aparty to the BC Rail scandal.

    The ever growing stench from the BC Rail scandal and cover-up will increase exponentially as the daily exposure of the maleficence of those involved, until it is over powering.

    My read now, is that jail time is a real possibility for Mr. Campbell and Ms. Clark and they are fighting for their political life.


  2. The germ of the answer is in the question:

    “I've tried to understand why Liberals, or at least ethical members within the party…”

    Easy-Peasy, there are no ethical members within. Even ignorance cannot cover the malfeasance. If one is a member of the Liberal Party, one is guilty of all the assaults committed on various and sundry, in serial and parallel, through fraud and through misgovernance.


  3. At times I believe that more & more people have decided the issue should not go away & a full public inquiry is needed. But at the same time, politicians have a lot of financial backing compared to the ordinary citizen who makes comments on the CBC or G&M. If ever the public stands as one & demands the truth into the BC scandal in BC history, it will because of people like you, Alex, Bill & others in the only real place where readers are exposed to the whole story…… in the world of blogging.

    Guy in Victoria


  4. Thanks NVG. I too would never feel “uncomfortable, cornered or concerned” if someone were to gift me with world travel or other valuable items. A week in Paris, Barcelona or Florence would be just fine.

    I could go to trade shows and business conferences and introduce British Columbia businesses all around. I'd meet the local mayors and friendship committees and talk generalities about British Columbia being the gateway to Canada and all of that. I also would never bother those people again doing followup, talking to them or making contact in any way.


  5. Danneau said: “Even ignorance cannot cover the malfeasance.”

    Thank you for pointing this out.

    The nonsense excuse we hear frequently when wrong-doers are cornered is “systemic problems”.

    “Systemic problems” is just a euphemism for a collection of people who have either knowingly done wrong and/or people who know wrong has been done and do nothing about that.

    Ignorance is not (supposed to be) an excuse in law; neither should it be in politics.


  6. I think one has to ask oneself why, precisely, the party leadership would want 'more of the same'.

    Especially when one is considering the issue labelling of villains and clearing of innocents.



  7. It is apparent that Liberal Party leadership (executive director Kelly Reichert) provided the conduit from the RCMP investigation (Kevin DeBruyckere) to Gordon Campbell and the Premier's office. Party leadership was very much involved with the BC Rail affair so they are keen to suppress all evidence.


  8. I wonder if Christy Clark's cabinet ministers are fed up with being dragged from photo op to photo op to provide the backdrop of emotional souls so Clark can carry on with non-stop campaigning. Today it was the steps of the Legislature (tears welcome). A while ago, the federal ship contract (smiles please) at the wharf where billionaires Dennis and Kyle Washington park the family's massive yacht.


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