Read The Real Story, then get mad, stay mad

Stay mad until every BC Liberal politician is sent home in disgrace.

If any situation demonstrates conclusively that BC Liberals continue to hide the truth, this is it. If there was no fraud, why are they hiding everything?

Read Ian Reid’s Open government my ass

From that comes Ian’s description of the received result of his long, long FOI quest for documents related to the Basi/Virk BC Rail trial. You remember, the judicial travesty that was ended by a multi-million dollar payout of public funds and papered over with non-disclosure agreements dictated by the real criminals — and I’m not talking about Basi or Virk.

“…That’s right, one thousand seven hundred and fifty one blank, empty, white pages...”

Alex Tsakumis adds more to the evidence pile that the corporate media refuses to disclose. It’s old news, you know. Unlike stories about the Glen Clark government from the nineties.

EXCLUSIVE: During RCMP Surveillance of Dave Basi, Deputy Premier Christy Clark Was in the Cross-Hairs of the RCMP’s Special ‘O’–TWICE! How Does This Square With the Crown’s Dissent and Premier Christy Clark’s Denials?

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  1. I have to say that I am surprised that anyone could be shocked at anything this corrupt 3rd world banana republic government does.


  2. So bloody typical and reminds the “Eye” of another similar story.

    In the 1990's the local transit expert, the late Des Turner, requested an FOI on the then BC Transit purchase of MK1 SkyTrain cars. At the time, the MK 1's were being phased out for the now Bombardier Inc. designed MK 2's, and the cost per MK 1 car was very much higher than the standard light rail vehicle, with three times the capacity.

    After many month, a knock on the door from a courier, came a stack of folders almost 2 feet in height, yet 80% of the pages were blank! There was a lot of ands and thes but nothing more.

    Mr. Turner, then went to the those in charge of FOI and asked why were blank pages sent. The response was numbing; “The pages were blank to prevent corporate secrets on SkyTrain, vis a vis, Mk.1 cars, from interfering with future sales.”

    Remember the MK 1's were being phased out and Vancouver was going to be the last order of the now obsolete cars.

    Strange thing was, the MK 1 car was not designed by bombardier Inc., instead, the UTDC of Ontario and Bombardier Inc. only recently aquired the rights to SkyTrain after purchasing those rights from a then bankrupt Lavalin Corporation, which purchased the rights for SkyTrain from the UTDC.

    There were no industrial secrets to be revealed, except for the fact Bombardier was charging 4 or 5 times more for MK 1 cars than they should have.

    Blanked out pages only mean one thing, government and corporate corruption and an attempt to hide government and corporate corruption.


  3. Open governent is “flavor of the month, year etc.”, for this government. The “regime” has successfully managed to squander “money and resources” both of which belong to the taxpayer, to keep itself out of public scrutiny, and provide its “friends with rewards for the past and ongoing support. What a crock!

    Bill the party “faithful” for the money that is owed the taxpayer.

    Get the jail cells ready, for those governmant officials, involved in the various scandals, over the past 10 years. Trials for the alledged, you bet and on television to boot…these clowns deserve it.

    This has to be the “worst” government ever seen in BC and indeed Canada, for its attitude, disregard for the public, its resources and taxpayer dollars.


  4. That reminds me of the FOI papers pulled, to get a handle on Campbell's Olympic debt. Those papers were whited out too.

    Everyday now, BC is failing. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals expense accounts are obscene. Tax payers even paid for nail salon visits. Ida Chong is known for her fine dining. Seems she also has a taste for fine wines, to go with her fine dining. The abuse of our tax dollars is sickening.

    The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, are a litany of, lies, deceit, corruption, theft, dirty tactics, and evil to the core. Harper too, fits right into that disgusting mix.


  5. Links to this post have been sent to GoPublic and the Ombudsman at CBC as well as the BBC. Forward this to every person on your contact list as well as any agency or media outlet you can think of. Democracy and justice have not worked in BC for far too long.


  6. I've been mad at these disgusting government shenanigans for at least ten years. I've become a chronically angry and cynical person. I consider it a lost decade. My only hope people are finally waking up.


  7. The three of you, Norm, Ian, Alex, plus Harvey should all be nominated for a Webster if it weren't for the fact that the Webster Awards, like the MSM, have lost credibility over the past decade.


  8. Thanks for the shout out Norm. I have to say I couldn't believe my eyes when I got this response by email. At least they didn't waste the cost of an envelope and stamp to mail me this snub.


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