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  1. Another telling way to look at this.
    Since 2005 until the end of 2011:

    Number of individual contributions to the “Liberals”:
    42,823 — average contribution: $1500

    Number of individual contributions to the NDP:
    178,084 — average contribution: $126


  2. A successful business person doesn't willingly part with money unless there is a strong likelihood of return on the investment; excepting charity of course. Since I doubt these 2011 donations were intended as charitable, and these donors appear to be successful entities , I would expect there's a return involved.

    Any donations during 2012 however, must surely be classed as charitable.


  3. From NPR:
    “Jack Abramoff, the former lobbyist, is out of prison and available for interviews. On today's show we talk to him — not about his crimes, but about the legal kind of lobbying that goes on every day.

    “He walks us through a particular lobbying project he worked on: Tyco paid Abramoff's firm more than $100,000 a month to to fight a tax provision that would have cost the company about $4 billion…”

    Jack Abramoff on Lobbying



  4. Another telling example – this one from the BC Liberal Leadership Race:

    1) Aquilini Development and Construction Inc. donated $25,000 to Christy Clark on 2010/12/15
    2) Aquilini Development and Construction Inc. donated $25,000 to Kevin Falcon on 2010/12/22
    3) Aquilini Investment Group LP donated $10,000 to Geroge Abbott on 2011/01/12 and $11,500 on 2011/03/28 for a total of $21,500.

    Talk about hedging your bets. One would think that a donor would support the person they thought best suited to lead the party. Giving to all three would almost make it seem like the donor wants a foot in the door regardless of who wins. Makes you go hmmmmmm. Time to change the political donation rules so that only individuals entitled to vote in the province can donate (no entities, corporate, union, assoications, etc) and cap the amount that can be given annually.


  5. So much for Hockstein & his caterwalling about labour & other special interest groups controlling the NDP.

    Given Phil Hockstein's rational, it would be reasonable to conclude big business controls the BC lieberals. So what does Phil have to say about that.

    And speaking of political finacial contributions & control I'd have to conclude big business has way more control over the BC Lieberals than Unions have over the NDP because the buinesses gave wayyyyy more money to the Lieberals


  6. Found at The Tyee (Andrew MacLeod) Clark and Falcon release lists of donors

    Large donors to Falcon include Keg Restaurants ($40,000), Kebet Holdings Ltd. ($30,000), Super Save Disposal Inc. ($30,000), Aquilini Development and Construction Inc. ($25,000), Gordon Estates ($25,000), Great Canadian Railtour Company Ltd. ($10,000), Craftsman Collision Ltd. ($10,000) and Wesbild Holdings Ltd. ($10,000).

    Clark's campaign distributed a list to reporters that totaled $519,040.

    Among the larger donors are John Redekop Construction ($30,000), Wall Financial ($25,000), Aquilini Development and Construction Inc.($25,000), ITC Management Inc. ($20,000), Anne Millar ($25,000), Progressive Strategies ($20,000), Rennie Marketing Systems ($15,000), Bert's Electric (2001) Ltd. ($15,000), former Encana executive Gwyn Morgan ($10,000) and Wesbild Holdings Ltd. ($10,000).



  7. Liberal Party reports show Patrick Kinsella gave Liberals $34,450 through Progressive Strategies Ltd.

    His associate, ex beer salesman Mark Jiles, gave $10,365 personally and $7,350 through Blue Stone Consulting, which uses the same address as Progressive Strategies.

    Only a cynic would think of that old Latin expression 'quid pro quo', which means: one thing in return for another.



  8. Norm wrote:
    “former Encana executive Gwyn Morgan ($10,000)”

    The relatively low amount of Gwyn's donation surprises me. I mean just look at Norm's previous post about where Gwyn lives and his annual income (from many and varied sources). Mr. Morgan makes a (very good)living not only from SNC Lavalin, but from being an advisor/consultant to our very own Christy Clark.

    Oh well. I'm thinking that Morgan, having multiple irons in the fire, and of course looking after his own interests rather than Christy's, is getting ready to move on to whatever is going to provide the best return on investment.


  9. The $10,000 was Morgan's contribution to Premier Photo-Op's operation to steal the Liberal leadership. He gave $50,000 personally in 2011 to the LINOs.

    Also, people donate money through corporations and only numbered companies have to provide names of their principals. Certain companies can be readily attached to the people behind them but not all. So the numbers attributed to one person are minimum amounts. There may be more contributions that are shielded from view.

    I do hope our government in waiting give campaign finance and contribution reporting a high priority for change.


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