Thanks people, thanks

Tens of thousands of thanks actually.

We’re about to finish one more month setting readership records.

Already 348% 353% of May 2011. And, the month is not over.
I hope you appreciate me the way I appreciate you.
By the way though, the subscription price is up by 11% this year. Sorry, that’s just the way business works today.

However, if you don’t like what you’ve paid so far, we’ll double the money back.

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  1. I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today…I know for a fact yours don't come from an Alberta hockey puck factory.

    You bet we appreciate you…and though we don't always comment we retain what you report.

    Whats that you say, today is Tuesday?


  2. J. Wellington Wimpy kept promising to pay, next Tuesday it was. I'm still waiting. And, I'm still pissed off.

    However, MG. Love the funny response. We're not always unhappy here, most of life we enjoy. (Just want the grandkids to have the same opportunity 50 years from now.)


  3. I don't remember how I got to your site so long ago, but you are my point man and my inspiration to help reveal the truths that we were denied by the msm for far too long.


  4. The time and effort you put into your blog is exactly what the big stockholders fear and despise. The information age belongs to the people, not to those paying for advertising space and time. You've inspired me to have my inbox filled with the obligatory “Thanks for contacting MP or MLA So-and-so…”. Inciting us “regulars” into political action for positive ends is an enlightening public service. Thank you, Norm.


  5. Thanks Norm. It is abundantly clear that you put a huge amount of effort into this blog. Never mind the time spent on excellent writing – the research you do obviously takes hours upon hours. We are lucky to have you.


  6. Again, I thank you. You have touched the core of this enterprise. I read many sources, many hours a day. But, I was always a bit weird about wanting to understand current affairs. As a young teenager, I remember worrying that soccer practice might interfere with me listening to Capital Reports, Saturday morning on CBC Radio.

    In grade 9, I was one of the youngsters who sat on stage competing in current events quizzes that emulated the old GE College Bowl. Afterwards, another boy approached me in the hallway and said, very respectfully, “Hey Farrell, I didn't know you knew anything.”


  7. Such quality, a nose for something that doesn't smell quite right, and an engaging way to approach the material. Definitely a regular stop, and pride of place in the regular read-around. Now, if you could just play a ukelele…you've really cured me of an addiction to newspapers and television news. Put up a PayPal button if you ever need funds to further research, or whatever needs doing.


  8. A few of us writing regularly about BC current affairs have talked about ways to raise funds to pay FOI charges and other incidental costs of doing public service research. Something we're thinking about. Readers are welcome to consider the same subjects. None of us do this to earn our livings but we're occasionally blocked from gaining documents because of financial roadblocks simply because there are no financial resources beyond those we need for life.


  9. Yes, I know I am up to a fair chunk of money myself for FOI's….the financial cost plus the fact that it is so difficult to take time from daily work and household activities is what professional paid lobbyists count on….they can point to our less than professional objections and discredit us. But they can't discredit the likes of you or Rafe or any number of great independent bloggers from all political leanings. I vote for a PayPal or some such means to help out with monthly donations to people like you that can really do a much better job of articulating concerns of us commonfolk. I would much rather my downtime on this Earth be spent having an early morning coffee on the shores of a nearby prisitine fjord….rather writing letters or going to meetings to protect these places from industrialization and corporate control. That doesn't even mention all of the other issues like BC Rail and the mis-management of our health system. There is a general lack of ethics, integrity and competence being demonstrated by our elected and/or appointed officials. They are doing a poor job as caretakers of “the commons”. The “professional” media are most certainly not calling them on it.


  10. The professional media, are bought and paid for. The “propaganda machine”, churns out only the mundane and insignifigant news that it determines to be relative, to the issues at hand.

    Well put, Motorcycleguy.

    I agree that a lack of ethic's, integrity and competence, on the part of elected or appointed officials,
    is behind most of the issues, here in BC and increasingly, at the federal level. The problem would seem to be getting the taxpayer and electorate to take a stand. We should be able, to demand that laws or statutes, be put in place, to require governments and parties, to adhere to a level of integrity and ethics, that ensures that the “public” is protected, from the current level of Kleptocracy, unethical conduct and incompetence.

    Some sort of legal recourse, either by class action, or individual lawsuit, has to be put in place, to allow the “taxpayer” to launch actions against political parties and individuals, who engage in “economic deviance' or unethical conduct while in power.


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