Converting influence to cash

A file clerk in the province’s liquor distribution branch dares not take another position that gives hint of conflict with that person’s regular job. If you are a rainmaker, a policy adviser, consultant, maven or mentor, forget the rules.

Those rules are for the little people. You’re entitled to get it where you can. When you can.

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  1. Mr. “Can Sell Ya” BC's assets.

    It's just sickening how much power and influence this jackass has. And how it's screwing over the people of BC and raping their former assets.


  2. Harper hates everything Canadian, including the citizens. It is Harper's intention to completely sell out, Canada's resources to foreigners. The tar sands are pretty much all foreign owned now.

    BC's assets and resources, have already been thieved and sold by Campbell. Our mill industry, Campbell ruined. Three mayors are pleading the government for help, to save the catalyst paper mill. I expect China will be give that too. China owns BC mines. Boessenkool and Christy are selling of the last of BC's Real Estate. Harper wants BC completely dead. Harper and Campbell worked frantically to dismantle BC, before Campbell got the boot. So he put Boessenkool in with the BC Liberals, to finish the job. We are opposing Harper's Enbridge pipeline. Well, they don't call Harper spiteful Stevie for nothing. The oil clean-up crew gone. Search and rescue shut down. China even gets to build the Enbridge pipeline. Boessenkool and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, are going to make sure, BC is in debt as deep as the ocean. They are wasting our tax dollars, and paying none of
    Campbell's debts back.

    All of the foreign owned resources, will bring their own people to work Canada's mines and the tar sands. This is what I don't understand? People don't see. We don't own our resources, they do nothing for the Canadian citizens, very soon, not even the jobs. China has even brought Chinese cooks over, for the Chinese working at the oil sands. China has just bought more big chunks of the tar sands. Canadians won't get those jobs, the Chinese will.

    The U.S. will certainly get their share of the tar sands. Obama had them start manufacturing the pipes, even though he said, he won't decide until after the U.S, election to build the Keystone pipeline? What a load of, el torro poo poo. The U.S. too, will refine the oil in their own country.

    If you read: Harper gives a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations. This was Sept 25/2007. Perhaps Harper's evil agenda will be better understood. Our wonderful BC Mary said many times. Canada will become a huge state of the U.S. An American web site, presscore was the very first time, I heard of the robo-call scam, and that was right after the election. presscore said, this reason was why Harper's election win was rigged. They want to begin the NAU. presscore also said, ICC's Chief Prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo is going to summons Harper, for war crimes and crimes against humanity, presscore doesn't like Harper.

    All the sneaked border talks, between Obama, Harper and Calderon, should make a person wonder? Canada is being divided between China and the U.S. How many company's have and are moving to the U.S? Harper has cost Canadians, huge job losses. He even persuades Canadians to shop in the U.S. Losing billions in revenue for Canada. Right now, Canada is a good country to get out of.

    The U.S. were permitted to bring their own people here, for the tear down of the smelter in Kitimat. The very few Canadians that were hired, were treated like s..t, by the Americans. They didn't even get safety gear. They had to breathe in the Aluminum dust. As badly as those people needed jobs, they weren't safe around the Americans. Most of them quit.

    Not only is BC gone, this entire country is gone. Canada will be, a third world country.


  3. I'll Have Another prepares to race at Belmont Stakes, just as the Golden years begin for Mr Kinsella, Only in Canada? Pity.


  4. A very sad state of affairs. The MSM has co-opted any real form of political debate, and most people have been “willingly duped” by the corporate hacks, who provide “veiled propagand,a” to ensure the elites are “not tarnished”.

    The bloggers world has fortunatley, allowed the general public's view's to be heard. How we continue the debate at a more political level, to get concrete results, will require far more involvement in the future.

    This province as a whole has been “manipulated” by a select few. Our rights and government have been subverted, by a group of people with power and influence, to create the world in their image and have the rest of us take the risks and ultimately pay for their benefit.

    This must end. Democracy has no meaning, if it is nothing but a “manipulated sham”. Subversion of any form, used to be seen as a “crime”, against the state. If this country, is to survive in the future, individuals or groups that practice the above “crime”, must be brought to task.

    We have seen BC being reduced, to an economic basket case by a so called “free enterprise coalition”. They have “manipulated” the sale of public assets, ledgislated laws and statutes to favor and benefit, their corpoate friends and allowed the taxpayers and the people without influence, to pick up the tab. That's not a democratic government, it is a “crime in progress”, against the hardworking people, of this province.

    If this form of governance is allowed to continue, this country is in dire peril, indeed.


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