While local radio dies

May I recommend BBC Radio for its many worthwhile podcasts and online listening opportunities.

Currently, one of the many series available, free of charge, is the 2012 Reith Lecture series – The Rule of Law and its Enemies:

“The economic historian Professor Niall Ferguson presents the 2012 BBC Reith Lectures, titled The Rule of Law and Its Enemies. Across four programmes he explores the role of man-made institutions on global economic growth and democracy, referencing the global economic crisis and financial regulation, as well as the Arab Spring.

BBC gives us the Reith Lectures archives, dating back to 1948. It is an extraordinary collection of quality material that provides information and inspiration to anyone interested in the pursuit of knowledge.

One of my personal favourites is from 2003: Neuroscientist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran: The Emerging Mind

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