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Video Enbridge (and Postmedia) wants hidden

Enbridge is presently engaged in a $5 million advertising campaign. It serves two purposes. One aims at convincing Canadians that what Enbridge does is benign and beneficial. The other is to provide tangible rewards to the corporate media that repeatedly echoes the same message through content, either by supportive coverage or by downplaying inevitable mishaps and ecological destruction.

Read Rafe Mair’s background about the Province pulling this work by Dan Murphy. It is at the Common Sense Canadian:
Province Newspaper Pulled Cartoon Under Pressure from Enbridge

And, cancel your Postmedia subscription if you have one.

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  1. @anon, professional courtesy. Not to take any thunder away from Rafe's excellent article. Ah, Norm, that explains it, I missed a post. Apologies!


  2. Kim it is not about being first, it is about sharing. Thanks Norman if not for you I would not have seen this.

    I also hate to hear the Enbridge for cure for cancer type ads on the radio as well. My first thought is….'well you should support it you morons, you cause it'.



  3. This guys all must have the same playbook – check out the BP ads on American TeeVee. According to them the Gulf Coast was a sewer and now, thanks to BP it is paradise! That is the image they are promoting, the seafood was never better and the beaches never more lovely…….jeeeeez!


  4. I had a real dilemma as a friend who I used to work with died of cancer recently, and another friend was doing the Ride in his memory. I was looking to donate and then came across the huge Enbridge logo at the top of the page. I literally sat there on the donation page for 10 minutes debating whether I could support this as Enbridge had attached their name to this cause.

    In the end I ended up donating the money as I felt it was more important to do it in the memory of my friend…but I won't be donating next year if Enbridge attaches their name to the event. I even sent an e-mail to the organizers of the event letting them know that.

    Enbridge is an evil corporation who only care about their bottom line. I mock that stupid watercolour commercial every time it comes on…

    “It's a path….” “to a major oil spill in Northern BC”


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