School begins again

Forty-eight years ago this week, I departed small town Powell River and took up residence at UBC’s still under construction Totem Park student housing. In those days, males and females on campus were housed separately and during the evening, the tender types disappeared behind locked doors, secured by high walls and steel gates. For folks lacking a Y chromosome, late nights were discouraged and regulated.

That lifestyle has changed, I suspect. I’ll find out about that and other changes in weeks to come. With a new student number and new objectives, and no 8:30 am Saturday classes, I returned to the Point Grey campus this week for Tuesday’s start of classes.

Actually, for me there is at least one similarity to 1964. Then, I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up. Now, I still don’t know.

I registered for three courses this term and I’ve already been tossed from one, without even an opportunity to miss a deadline for assignments. The UBC Graduate School of Journalism, after accepting my online registration for a course in media law, decided I was not a worthy participant. I’ve been displaced in favour of an empty chair. I was Eastwooded.

Oh well.

Blogging will continue of course. After consciously avoiding and ignoring most media during my summer break, even the good stuff by fellow bloggers, I’m keen to resume. Christy Clark and friends offer an irresistible surfeit of low hanging fruit for commentators. There is much political action happening offstage and it will continue until the wealthy old men in suits have installed new leadership in their beloved coalition. Interesting times ahead.

In closing, thanks to all the messages of encouragement from readers. While stage one of our home rebuilding moves toward completion and we’ll soon have a kitchen again, stage two is just beginning. Cabinets are arriving today and appliances next week. We’re hoping the weather stays warm because the new furnace is in transit, likely a few weeks away from providing heat.

Today, I know more than I want to know about TJI’s, point loads and underpinning, about insulation and window installation and building codes and plumbing rules. However, I remain ignorant about electricity, stuck at the level of comprehension attained in grade eight shop class.

Between schoolwork and home construction, there will be future blips in the Northern Insight opinion feed. Probably though, the world will continue on its course.

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  1. ” at least one similarity to 1964. Then, I didn't know what I wanted to do when I grew up. Now, I still don't know”.
    Love it Norman!
    Growing old is mandatory………………. growing up is optional!
    Best of luck with your further edumacation….

    Gary L.


  2. Welcome back Norm. Hope the “edumacation” has been a good ride.
    We have all been there, some of us more than others. Looks like your headed for “graduate”
    work in the “reno” world.




  3. “Never let school interfere with your education”, has always been my credo.
    Norm, we may have something in common 🙂
    Welcome back. Your recent posts are a breath of fresh air.
    Keep up the good work – your efforts are much appreciated.
    Oh, and all the best for succesful completion of the reno.


  4. So, they decided after the fact that you weren't a good fit in their journalism/media law classes? I'm not surprised! You've got too many smarts, too much integrity, and a love for truth in media…being tossed from this particular institute of higher brain-washing was a compliment.

    No professor/instructor/educator likes to be shown up by a student…and I've little doubt you'd have been able to teach said educators much about integrity and truth in media. Poor UBC…you scared them – you meanie!! LOL!


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