A modest appeal

I wrote recently of one business using charity for self-promotion and self-congratulation. Here’s an example of the polar opposite, a small effort where every dollar delivered to the charitable purpose goes to the charitable purpose.

Jody Paterson is in Honduras with partner Paul Willcocks, quietly doing good works through CUSO International. The Children of Angelitos Felices is a personal project by Jody. Friends here are helping. Jody’s recent message from Honduras:

“Through your amazing support, we have surpassed the original $8500 goal and been able to do all the major projects we started out to do – and more – in much less time than I had anticipated. I’d expected to accomplish the water project and maybe one floor of ceramic tile, plus maintain a weekly activity with the kids. Instead, we’ve done the water project, laid ceramic tile throughout the home, installed two new doors, repainted the place, bought a washing machine, and are now working on a new window at the front and a gate or two to stop the smaller kids from getting into dangerous areas. We’ve also been able to respond with more generosity to daily needs like clothing, shoes, cleaning supplies and disposable diapers.

“We’re still here for another year and I figure we might as well just keep those projects coming as long as the support for our work continues. So I’ve kicked up the goal to $12,000 in order to add an indoor jungle gym for the kids to the wish list. The kids spend most of their time stuck inside the home, with very little to do. But there’s a big space downstairs where I’m sure we can get something built that will provide them with a safe, fun place to burn off all that kid energy!

“Thank you, thank you for all you’ve done to make this work possible. Your support has been well beyond what Paul and I anticipated. Best of the Christmas season to all of you!”

If you admire the effort, and the results, follow the LINK. You know what to do. Even a few dollars will help.

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  1. People should write the radio station and demand CORUS (not the CKNW Orphans' Fund) match every dollar Jody and Paul raise for the children in this REAL orphanage.

    That might cost them less than 1% of what they've taken from the Orphans' Fund in the last few years.


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