Anyone paying attention to political advertising?

With taxpayers on the hook for endless paid promotions of the BC Liberal government and the million dollar anti-Dix campaign waged by an aging crackpot with more money than sense, we might expect a bump in Christy Clark’s reelection prospects. However, as pollster Mario Canseco notes:

The Liberals may be doing well in winning the battle for the B.C. Conservative window shopper, but they have another battle to bring back those who don’t particularly like [Ms.] Clark and don’t regard [Mr.] Dix as a threat.

Polling company Angus Reid surveyed British Columbians to determine attitudes toward Christy Clark and Adrian Dix. The results will not comfort BC Liberal supporters.


For more information and background, read Gary Mason at The Globe and Mail, B.C. voters accentuate the negatives in poll of Premier’s image

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  1. You should move “Boring” to the positive graph. I prefer a boring politician tending to duty over an exciting one chasing photo opportunities every day.


  2. Christy has a lot of powerful supporters. Shepard is campaigning for Christy all over the province. The Alberta Liberals have raised money for Christy There are Christy's lies, deceit and corrupt TV ads.

    Is Shepard one of the wealthy parasites, who benefited by the HST? Who else would be stupid enough, to support Christy Clark?

    Christy's job plans, are not for the BC citizens. There are already 200 Chinese miners, taking BC's mine jobs. 300 BC miners applied for those mine jobs.

    Now F.N. have run out of money, for their court case against the Enbridge pipeline. Harper will force the Enbridge pipeline into BC.

    This country isn't Canada anymore anyhow. Canada has never stood for, Fascism, Communism nor, Dictatorships. We went to war because of that. To save BC? We have to get out of Harper's Canada or, be swallowed up by Communist China. Christy works for Harper, as Campbell did before her.


  3. Good article. Now if I can go off topic a bit Norm, I love your modified picture on the home page. When you provoke comments like that, you just know that you are hitting where it hurts. Keep up the good work. Gary. T.


  4. As one who participated in this poll, I find it odd that all Angus Reid seemed to release are these personal ratings on the two leaders. They did ask who one would vote for in the upcoming election. Why didn't they release those results so that we could compare them to the last poll this firm conducted and the Mustel poll released recently.


  5. I was surprised that the Liberals allowed Shepherd to continue with his anti-Dix “memo” commercials. I think everyone pretty much feels he's beating a long-dead horse. I'm of the mind that Clark's being sabotaged by her own party, a la Kim Campbell and the infamous Chretien facial distortion commercial. I'm guessing their thinking is “Well, somebody's going to be left holding the bag for all of Campbell's corrupt excesses, it might as well be Christy.”


  6. Interesting point, Arleigh. Christy certainly receives the bulk of the negative comments — and Rich Coleman is likely glad of this. If your assessment is true, though: what a colossal waste of time, effort and money to foist up a 2-legged horse… just get slaughtered in the election.

    I know I'd just walk away, under such a scenario.


  7. When Shephard was interviewed on Global for 2 nights by Jas Johal, he looked dazed, confused and foolish.He had problems countering comments Jas made about Clark. Then the ad followed Wasted prime time spending on that spot.I doubt he'll appear publically agaisn unless it is tightly scripted and no questions can be asked.


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