For what it’s worth

I may have been a touch off on the seat count, but at least I got the graphic right.

I‘m heading headed off to vote. Before that, I‘m joining I joined my equally sightless blogging colleagues and providing  provided a seat count prediction:

  • BC NDP – 58 [46%] … Actual – 33 [39%]
  • BC Liberal – 23 [36%] … Actual – 50 [44%]
  • BC Green – 1 [11%] … Actual – 1 [8%]
  • BC Conservative – 0 [5%] … Actual – 0 [5%]
  • Independent – 3 [2%] … Actual – 1 [3%]

In the interest of transparency, I provide part of my working papers. No secrets here.

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  1. All I hope for is that the Liberals are gone by morning. And Norm….. thanks so much for that BC Liberal Demise countdown clock. I can't tell you the number of times I've looked at it over the last few months.


  2. Okay Norm…govt workers don't have working papers, just ask Christy…they were probably shredded along with the rest of the incriminating BC liberal political notes..

    I'm glad these clowns will be gone by morning…good riddance!


  3. Well here we are 9:37 pm and the BC Liberals lead by Premier photo-op are going to win a majority government.

    Question, just how much money does it take to buy an election?


  4. Resign Adrian you let a group of losers steer your campaign ship onto the rocks I dub you Adrian Schittino. Now go hang your head in shame and take the dunces on your campaign team with you. You let us down and now the province is under seige by the haters of democracy again.


  5. What the hell are we in for now . Google [ new west partnership trade agreement ] and look at the date the agreement was signed. Cristy sold us a load of bull. When she talked so tough to the POS running alberta.


  6. The Liberals win a majority and shame on the NDP to let it happen. Photo-op is not elected, so who is going to resign and let her run?

    Er, we need a volunteer boys and girls.

    Um, any time now please.

    Hello anyone there?



    Er Adrian, in case you are stepping down, Christie would like a riding to run in.


  7. That didn't work out so well.\

    Remind me of that line, so now we sit and bleed awhile, etc… Then the NDP had better find a pit bull to act as leader. Dix should stay. He is good. The Greens need to butt out of some of the ridings. On their way to win one position they may have caused as many as 14 losses. So now the greens have their one mla and this province has an envirnmental disaster about to happen. The coal mine in the Comox Valley will go ahead, as will pipelines and tar tankers.
    When Christie runs for by election, the NDP and Green ought to throw everything they can at the lieberals, including their sorry record and publicize it 24/7. Given Christie will run in a “safe” riding, she will most likely be successful. However, the NDP can run a campaign it should have in the general election and see the differance.
    That Joe T. lost is beyond me. The guy had everything going for him to make a great MLA.


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