Sun Media provides platform for racism

I realize the Sun Media Corporation markets itself to rednecks and racists, but this comment attached to Cold Lake Sun article Man dead after being shot by RCMP on Cold Lake First Nations should have been too much even for Sun Media:

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  1. It's pretty shocking. They won't allow comments on politically sensitive topics, ie damaging to the government, but this is okay?

    Considering how they covered up what really happened at Gustafsen Lake and kept repeating Peter Montague's “smear campaign” spin, I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised.


  2. The Disqus comment platform does not allow anonymous comments (this put a chilling effect on the CBC comments).

    The Sun Media commenter can be identified by Disqus, which also tracks all Disqus commenters across other media venues using their service.

    The question is: can the RCMP ask Disqus for the identity of the person spewing this hate speech?

    Wikipedia: Disqus:

    Disqus has also been criticized for publishing its registered users' entire commenting histories, along with a list of connected blogs and services, on the publicly viewable user profile pages.[18]


  3. Dawg alerted us to a tweet from Wendy Sullivan that promoted genocide. Now this. Apparently, the right wing is feeling emboldened to spew hatred without any regard to repercussions.


  4. I suspect some members of Sun Media are prettty upset about this… I'm sure they wish they had thought of this zinger first.


  5. All that is pretty regular fare for hatemongers commenting on Yahoo News who generally operate under a cloak of anonymity to spew their hatred.

    Although I did point out the case of one hatemonger advocating genocide against Muslims, and spewing out hate-filled diatribes against gays, third world immigrants, natives, Quebecers and so forth on a constant basis in Yahoo discussions, who apparently felt so comfortable among fellow hatemongers that he dropped clues as to his real identity and mentioned same on BCL's blog. His name is Dagenais, blog alias Dag with avatar a red devil, he claims to be a public official with the Taxation branch of Revenue Canada in Ottawa, previously employed with Indian Affairs, prior to that as some professional in the insurance industry. There is every indication he is submitting his hate-filled screeds from his employ with the Government of Canada.

    His demented online rantings fit the criteria of hate speech and it is quite apparent he views natives, for instance, as some subhuman species and complains that the immigration policies of the Harper Conservatives, whom he otherwise supports for lack of a better alternative, have turned Canada into a “third world dump”…..


  6. Wow, that's pretty disgusting. Even more troubling is the fact that it is still visible on the site 24 hours later. I've just flagged it again for the moderators.


  7. What is it with Indian Affairs bureaucrats and advocacy of genocide against the Muslim world?
    In a media discussion on Afghanistan in Yahoo Canada News July 19, following an article entitled “Taliban-style edict for women spreads alarm in Afghan district “, another Reform bigot and oil industry advocate with the alias Gruemach demonstrated his concern for “human rights” by advocating mass murder of the Afghan people:

    “Starve them all to death in that part of the world….no airplanes allowed out or in, no ships, and just bomb the hell out of land transport.”

    Just what type of people do we have in the employ of the Government of Canada? Gruemach came to my attention with respect to his vicious and thoughtless remarks with respect to the tragedy in Lac Megantic, basically acting as a mouthpiece and apologist for the interests of MM&A railway and the oil industry.

    As to clues as to the actual identity of this advocate of Muslim genocide, consider the following contributions:

    “Hiker Honey….have you ever worked for the Indian Affairs Canada. I have. When you have gained some insights into that bureaucracy, you will realize who is really #$%$ things up.”

    “I own 10,000 acres with a lake in the property and an island in the lake where I have my retreat. If you enter my property to get to the lake, you get shot. If you get to the lake and go for a walk on the beach on my island, you get shot. It is private property, a private lake and a private island. Comprehendez!”

    “I started teaching in First Nations communities in the late 1960s, speak Ojibwa, and have more resources on First Nations than most libraries. Not only have I taught First Nations, I have studied First Nations at UBC, SFU and the Institute of Indigenous Government, so I a know a lot more about education let alone education for First Nations.”


  8. Guys, forget convenience store night attendant Wendy Sullivan, here I present Reform bigot and Ottawa federal public servant Dagenais who, under the alias Dag, has spewed a much greater and broader quantity of hate speech and genocide advocacy onto the internet in media discussions on Yahoo Canada…….

    Here's Dagenais advocating Muslim genocide worldwide and death threats against Muslims in Canada:

    “Mr Harper your biggest fan here but, you do need to turn it up a bit more about these muslims coming to cause trouble in MY country, we will take it in our owns hands on the street if the rules stay the same.”

    “if these idiots that run our countries won't do something about U, instead of arguing about themselves, WE WILL, we to have guns, and if your going to kill our people walking the streets here, you have plenty of muslims walking the streets here, got that???.”

    “muslims suck and all their followers…….and again the “politically right” idiots want to stop the drones. I say that whole islam religion must be wiped off the surface of the earth and right NOW.”

    “that religion needs to be wiped out totally..”

    “right on boys keep on eliminating yourselves, better for the world once all muslims and arabs are all gone.”

    “See the western countries do not need to be there, they are all killing themselves, good job boys keep on eliminating yourselves and the rest of the world will be much better off once all muslims are extinct.”

    “ok, now listen and listen good muslims of the world, on July 4th 2013, Allah will be showing up in person, yes in person in theran, iran, it's a must see and he wants you ALL to be there….psssst Obama get the B52's ready”

    “well we know that most of the uneducated kids are muslims, they are from all the poor countries where the only thing they teach is hatred, now let me get this straight, if all the muslims were gone, the world would be above intelligent, it's unfortunate that countries like the US, Canada who have only been around for 200 years are the most educated people in the world, since the muslims have been around for thousands of years how is it that they are so uneducated?.. down with allah and eliminate the muslim state forever.”

    “who cares about those 3rd world countries, do we really need to hear what is going on there on a daily basis?, NO, leave them alone to eliminate themselves, just keep sending them more bombs…short range of course.”

    “Idiots?, 72 is good but would you uneducated idiots step it up a bit more, i would really like to see peace in this world before i leave it and we all know the only way that will happen is if you dummies eliminate each other, as i said, 72 is good but please step it up and really start going at it. Thanks..”

    “pull out of afghanistan, let the taliban take over, then bomb the whole country to shreds..”

    “And i agree with all you people that say America should stay out, i totally agree, because, i hope that all you arab countries keep on fighting each other till there is NONE left, we will supply the bombs and guns for you, go crazy kill each other all day long..”

    “close all western embassies in the arab nations and isreal and let them extinct themselves, period.”


  9. Here's Dagenais on First Nations in Canada :

    “I am so sick and tired of these aboriginals i wish they would go back home to Mongolia and leave us the F alone..”

    “if you want to complain about welfare cheques start complaining about what we give to the aboriginals, immigrants, welfare for them to sit in front of a computer and complain all day long..”

    ” why should i be angry at drunken blood sucking human beings that are to lazy to work and have to rely on other people to live?, i sure hope the male people of aboriginals feel real proud of themselves for free loading on hard working white people.”

    “SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they didn't come from here, they don't own it, they could NOT win a war, THEY LOOSE, soooooo i will ask my MP to STOP sending them 11 billion a year and they can get out and work for a living like most MEN and WOMEN in this world.”

    “#$%$ is a niheyaw is that some kind of sickness or aids related illness|?, or is that just some kind of indian whiskey?, paul i sure hope your aboriginal, because your spelling is about grade 2 but if your french, i totally understand.”

    “is that a fully grown, unemployed, welfare recipient drunken indian bugsy? …. you are the laziest bunch of aholes i ever ran into my whole life, you are to lazy to work, hence trying to live off Canadians all your life….i had the job, i signed the contracts and we hired indian people who sat in their office and did nothing but say to us, try and fire me, you are like the taliban, you are worth nothing, you produce nothing, all you do is take, so pms take your little war dance elsewhere and try to convince so lower minded person like an indian about your prowl..”

    “when you get 11 billion dollars a year from the Canadian government and hide it when the auditors come around to check, don't tell me i'm uneducated, you blood suckin primates”

    Dagenais on his federal public service employment record :

    “i'm 60 and don't see retirement soon sooooooooo..”

    “Do not believe anything any insurance company tells you, i used to be in the insurance business, all they are there for is to make money, NOT lower rates……check it out, i worked in under writing for insurance companies.”

    “working for the tax department in Canada, I once received a cheque written on the guys shirt and it said, you took everything i own might as well have the shirt off my back to, we had to take it.”

    “i know what's going on, i worked at health canada in the indian division, i KNOW what you people get from Canada on a yearly basis, i know we built you log cabins near Elliott Lake just to watch you tear down the balconies to burn for fire wood..”

    Dagenais on Conservative family values :

    “…i just lost 180 pounds of old and wrinkly fat and to be honest it was real easy, i told my wife to get the hell out”

    “i went out on a date here in Ottawa, this woman spent 1 hour telling me what she wanted, i paid the bill ” …

    Dagenais is another Bocanut or some Al Bundy wannabe who trolls women's discussions on purchasing lingerie and undergarments seeking to find a date, as on the occasion one woman complained in such media discussion ” i am a 36 DDD … have (not) been able to find proper fitting comfortable bras … the staff looked me up and down and right out told me that they had nothing in the store that would fit my bust size. Cannot go braless.” To which Dagenais quickly responded : “Erica how about a date???”…


  10. Here's Dagenais on Quebec:

    “I think Canada should buy Greenland and send all quebekers and gays there to live..”

    “hey froggies don't forget Sir Paul McCartney is English from England, tell him tonight you don't want the Queen, hold up placards saying “down with the queen”, I DARE YOU…”

    “wilfrid is that french from the deep part of froggie land, i didn't know you guy's had internet up there …. willie if that is what you think, try turning your television on and by the way, take it off the froggie channel you may learn a bit more about the world, there is more than quebec on this planet you stupid excuse for a human being… well willie, it's Dagenais and i am ashamed of it..”

    “leave it to the swamp singing frogs to cause trouble whenever they can, as we all know the fact that frenchmen are smaller than most other nations, i suppose you could call it “the little man's syndrome” and they must be heard whenever they shout from down there.”

    “all the time the froggies are always complaining of constitution matters, their stupid province is ran by Italians…duh…. the frogs got beat in the war and if they don't like the way things are ran in Canada, they can move back to france…salut..”

    Here's Dagenais on bilingualism and French language proficiency in the federal public service :

    “je parle le francais madame et je suis tres insulter de parler le francais, j'ai pas vu un politicien anglais dire qu'il sont mieu que les francais”

    Here's Dagenais on Premier Wynne and gay rights in Canada:

    “your outta here, i don't want young children growing up GAY..”
    “yes i hate them more, seeing them kiss in public..”

    “baird why are you putting your fat nose where it has no affair?”

    “vdofun, who said i was racist?, I just don't want young kids growing up watching 2 men french kiss on the front page of every internet site and news paper in the free world, also I am a Canadian, i live in Canada and i love Canada, so i say to myself anyone who does not like Canadian's and want's to leave Canada i have no time for and they should NOT be in my country of CANADA, if these things make me a racist, guess what? I AM A RACIST and i am allowed to be racist in this free country.”


  11. Here's Dagenais on race relations:

    “canada with all it's immigrants is a dump now, just watch the news always arabs or black people in shootings..”

    “why is there so much anger towards white people from blacks, slavery was 100 years ago”

    “folks this was on purpose, back in day the white man said, let's give the blacks a city and see what they do with it….VOILA… the reason detroit filed for bankruptcy is because it was ran by blacks. “

    “they all flocked to detroit in the 50's 60's and 70's and now that they ruined it they are now flocking to somewhere else, they will demand equalization scream out racism and ruin it too….. that's what happens when you leave something in the control of black people.. take it back from the blacks who have put this once major city in shambles…”

    “as far as i'm concern it's the blacks that are always making stuff like this about race, i think THEY are the biggest racist around and should be tried in a court of law for making everything about race.”

    “You know folks, we live in a such “politicaly correct world”, that all someone has to do is mention that someone else was NOT politicaly right and boom, career gone, i still use the N word just like i know african americans still use words to be little whites and if someone thinks otherwise, get a life.”

    “F U niccers i have had enough of ur complaining..”

    Here's Dagenais on Liberals, gays and immigration :

    “just like father trudeau, who brought this country into debt and him and mulroney invited immigrants here who are now shooting up the streets, my kids are dealing with that now too.”

    “Canadians are not all that stupid, the man went partying with gays, flippin pancakes with muslims and left Albertan's to sit in feces and waited for it to be cleaned up before he made a show, …. i saw pictures of you today with all sorts of muslims around you in calgary just go away in the deep woods of quebec and enjoy your little groupies there, those little girls and gay boys will follow you there.”

    “we should return to the old days of immigration, when you wanted to come to Canada you had to have a job ad sponsor…but thanks to trudeau and mulroney the requirements to become Canadian now is, be unemployed, do NOT speak english, willing to take money for housing, health and wanting to bring in aall the rest of your family, the good old trudeau and mulroney way, trudeau should be buried in somolia and mulroney should be buried in iran..”


  12. It is interesting that Northern Insight is more concerned with semantics than the point that the costumed thug shot someone. Perhaps the person, is just trying to bring attention to the case, much like a certain group defaces their own place of worship or a female cries rape for sympathy!

    I myself am more concerned about the thuggery exhibited by the police who seem to have a license to violence and harm including civil rights violations against folks and nothing happens. We need to work to stop this state violence.

    We need an independent police board made up entirely of folks who have never worked for any form of government organization with powers of arrest, fines and imprisonment.


  13. Sun Media Corporation is one of the worst companies right now, and I am sure that many people will concur with me on that. They provide nothing of substance, and they just keep sharing hate. They should be banned, in my opinion.


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