Transnational racketeers at work

Barrett Brown, Glenn Greenwald, and the Mafia State, DS Wright, Firedoglake.com

“…you should know what Western states like the United States and the United Kingdom have become in the world today – hit squads for a transnational elite, the global 1%. They have no allegiance, they have no care for legality, and they have no real legitimacy. And what’s more, they know it. It’s about power, which is an end not a means to an end.

“This political and economic system is most comparable to how the Mafia is organized, in essence we live in a protection-racket state. The racketeers on Wall Street and in the corporate sector chisel money out of the economy using various scams a part of which is then funneled into campaign contributions for politicians who make sure the security forces – DoD, NSA, FBI – get nice budgets. The security forces secure the business interests of the racketeers at home and abroad. One hand washes the other…”

Cameron Proves Greenwald Right, Andrew Sullivan

“When the NSA leaks burst onto the scene, I was … queasily sympathetic to a program that relied on meta-data alone, as long as it was transparent, had Congressional buy-in, did not accidentally expose innocent civilians to grotesque privacy loss, and was watched by a strong FISA court.

“…almost all the checks I supported have been proven illusory. The spying is vastly more extensive than anyone fully comprehended before; the FISA court has been revealed as toothless and crippled; and many civilians have had their privacy accidentally violated over 3000 times. The president, in defending the indefensible, has damaged himself and his core reputation for honesty and candor. These cumulative revelations have exposed this program as, at a minimum, dangerous to core liberties and vulnerable to rank abuse…

“If a system is ripe for abuse, history tells us the only question is not if such abuse will occur, but when…

“I can say this to David Cameron. Thank you for clearing the air on these matters of surveillance. You have now demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that these anti-terror provisions are capable of rank abuse. Unless some other facts emerge, there is really no difference in kind between you and Vladimir Putin. You have used police powers granted for anti-terrorism and deployed them to target and intimidate journalists deemed enemies of the state.

You have proven that these laws can be hideously abused.”

The Real, Terrifying Reason Why British Authorities Detained David Miranda, Bruce Schneier, The Atlantic

“…those in power were angry and impulsively acted on that anger. They’re lashing out: sending a message and demonstrating that they’re not to be messed with — that the normal rules of polite conduct don’t apply to people who screw with them. That’s probably the scariest explanation of all. Both the U.S. and U.K. intelligence apparatuses have enormous money and power, and they have already demonstrated that they are willing to ignore their own laws. Once they start wielding that power unthinkingly, it could get really bad for everyone…”

The global 1%, hirelings and admirers aspiring to be included, are at work here too. They are served by federal and provincial governments of Canada, facilitated by media that care more about self-interest than public-interest and enabled by a largely disengaged populace.

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  1. CKNW's morning show today had numerous radio advertisements by the federal government and the pipeline association (apparently using federal grant money). When did it become the responsibility of taxpayers to pay for industry promotions, particularly when the objective is one that most people oppose.

    Those advertising dollars may not give value to taxpayers but the broadcasters appreciate the loot. To keep the money flowing, they'll continue being loyal government mouthpieces.


  2. This helps to answer a question I have been struggling with today. Why is nothing being done to stop the horrific killing of innocents by chemical weapons in Syria? Why is no action taken?
    All preoccupied I guess.


  3. Because war is just another business and people are just, at best, consumers. We are in a dark time for the planet.
    As for CKNW's morning show, all the more reason to tune into ckpm fm 98.7 and listen to “The Other Guy”, namely Alex Tsakumis.


  4. 1984, well Orwell was off by 30 years or so.

    Western democracy is really Western autocracy, where show case elections happen all too infrequently and the electorate has no real choice, nor any real effect on the outcome. At least in the USA, the voter can opt for Tweedledee and Tweedledum every 2 years or so, but in Canada, all the electorate had was dumb and dumber. I will go even so far that Dix and the NDP through the last election on purpose, really no politician could be that inept. My gut feeling today, especially with Dix's lame Facebook postings (which he has now removed me after asking me to be a friend) certainly indicate he wants the prestige of being the leader of the official opposition, but did not want to be Premier, possibly it was too much work for him.

    The mainstream media is nothing more than a well played instrument of the government and kow-tow to Victoria and Ottawa for a few well paid adverts. Bill Boring is a latter day Lord Ha-ha, spewing his Goebbelesque propaganda for the masses.

    The real rulers are the major corporations and other Business associations, who want taxpayers monies funneled to them. Has anyone noticed that despite major laws for this or that, there are no laws governing political honesty or actions. Politicians are given an almost free reign until the stink of their corruption compels action. The Senate scandal comes to mind and even Gordo was removed because there was a public upwelling against is dubious actions and his corporate masters had him removed, but to a well paid job in London.

    The provincial up-chuck, who we now have as Premier is so low that she has dictated a $25 a month wheelchair tax on the needy and gravel ill seniors in care homes. Corporate evil is at work and Premier up-chuck would rather tax the poor and lame than force major corporations to pay a water tax, as they rape billions of litres of water for free and for their profit, from our precious aquifers.

    We live in the “corrupt” times, where government is organized crime and the Dons are the major corporations. I fear regime change is coming a lot sooner than anyone thinks, it will be short and nasty and I do not think that the “good” will win.


  5. I really do not see the horror of 'chemical weapons'; I mean death by napalm, death by bullets or by explosions, what is the difference? Canada used chemical weapons in WW1 and certainly in WW2 both sides had vast stores of them, but did not use them, though the Americans had a disaster in Italy where over 1000 people were killed by mustard gas escaping from a bombed USA ship that did not have chemical weapons on its manifest.

    Syria may have used chemical weapons, but it also could be the rebels have misused captured chemical weapons.

    Oh yes, here is a hint – you know all that crap we put on our lawn to make it greener or kill this or that, they are too chemical weapons and maybe a leading cause of dementia and other horrific conditions and diseases that effect our population. In short we have made chemical warfare a backyard event.

    Civil wars are ugly affairs and really it is best to stay away, there is no right side, nor no wrong side, only a mass convulsion of hate.


  6. Shop locally made goods, cancel all subscriptions to corporate puke, keep only your land line, cancel the cable tv, take all your money out of the Banks and most of all quit paying taxes. Just a few things we can do to take them down.


  7. Shortsighted very low quality leadership can be described thousands of different ways.

    At the end of the day though, it's still just shortsighted very low quality leadership.


  8. I have often wondered about this? Can this actually be true?

    Harper gives a speech in New York at the, Council of Foreign Relations. This was Sept 25/2007.

    Obama and Harper announce NAU border deal.July 20/2013

    NAU pushed by big business.
    May 18/2011

    P.M. Harper officially endorses the NAU
    Oct 3/2005


  9. in furtherance to Rick, stop using credit cards and debit cards, switch bank accounts to the lowest monthly fee possible by using Ing bank or Pres. Choice bank with “free” fee transaction unlimited with no min. balance. For instance, I have an account at a major bank with the lowest fee but a 8 transaction limit, but use ing or PC which has free chequing, no min. balnce and no debit card fees for every day transactions plus it pays some interest unlike any of the major banks.. Insist on paying cash. Cancel TV cable, all current and old movies, current tv series, news are streamed free online at sites such as alluc.to or watch32.com or couchtuner.eu. Last night I watched Elysium, just out in theatres, all legal in Canada as it is uploading that is the issue. Basically any newspaper is free online. Start reminding government workers they are parasites and servants, do things respectfully with government workers but show no respect, file complaints early and often, if the government wants one paper from you , provide ten. I don't advocate not paying taxes but pay as least as possible (tax avoidance is legal tax evasion is not legal) and avoid any sales taxes by consuming less manufactured goods and definitely no processed foods. There are many things one can do and actually improve your lifestyle and quality of life, these are just a few items.


  10. a real sad story of how the govt. abuses it's citizens. Not so sure about our new radio station and commentator.. seems the owner has a history It's a revolving door and the commentator works free gratis to gain experience. His background is questionable as well. So trust your gut when it comes to govt. media and who manipulates the system.


  11. I am concerned about the generally unsubstantiated innuendo in this post. Would suggest that the person who submitted it should supply some concrete allegations and specific names, rather than indulging in poorly articulated and potentially damaging insinuations.


  12. Agreed, I find nothing questionable about Alex Tsakumis' background. He's a successful businessman and an articulate commentator on political affairs in British Columbia. He speaks on subjects that are ignored in the corporate media. You don't have to agree with Alex but you should be glad he has the guts to get engaged. I hope his radio program is hugely successful.

    As regards the owner of CKPM-FM 98.7, he's trying to be an independent operator in an industry controlled by Ontario based cartels who are accommodated by the CRTC, a regulator that aims to make life easy for the big guys. You can bet that CKPM gets no government advertising or support from energy companies and other big businesses. They put their money where they get the best spin.


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