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  1. I don't believe Ms. Miller was rehired because I don't believe she ever went away. Bob Mackin has his doubts as well and I think it was probably his digging that exposed this and brought on the “rehire.”

    The Liberals need her, they want her on the same side through the trial and she needs defence money. Now, if needed because of pressure, they can put her on leave with pay and those 3 “needs” are still being met.

    Pretty smart actually. Cagey, arrogant and slimy but smart all the same.


  2. Noises coming from Ontario that the preliminary hearings are going to take much longer than usual and there is already a flap about incomplete disclosure. Federal prosecutor instead of provincial. Starting to look like the BC Rail fiasco. I smell a BC-style plea deal in the works in Ontario. Just a matter of time until it happens, non-disclosure agreements are in place, and we are treated to a smirking Christy Clark chirping, “What, me worry?”


  3. I hope Palmer realizes that nothing has changed recently, except for him. Good to see him catching up though, unless it is one more insincere attempt to recover credibility after having been blind so long.


  4. Do you think Miller was 'brought back' to work on a snap election — would that be to their advantage? Do they have to stick to the fixed May 2017 date?


  5. All they need do is amend section 23 of BC's Constitution Act. With the frequency of government ads running day and night already it makes one wonder if that's not what's up. I almost wish they'd do it so we aren't exposed to those ads (at our expense) for over a bloody year. But as Norm says, the coming year will be very lucrative for BC Liberal cronies in the advertising and media game, so we'll probably have to get used to putting fresh batteries in the remote more often.


  6. I think the options will remain open but they are getting ready for a September vote because they're not sure how long they can keep the LNG lies going and they are worried that truth is spreading about the resource industries contributing nothing to the provincial treasury. Similarly, they cannot hide the disastrous situation they've put BC Hydro into and the fact rates are going to double for residential users.

    Liberals have already had millions of dollars committed by business for electioneering and they know the opposition parties have little cash. It is no coincidence that the Liberal surrogate ICBA has been spending heavily on media and in organizing, as shown recently in the Fort St. John rally. The government's advertising has been wall to wall, influenced no doubt by ex-Cons they hired from Harperland. Partisan advertising was a developed strategy in Ottawa although the strategists might want to consider whether it gained or lost them votes. There was much public anger about the Conservative Party record of taxpayer-paid advertising and that anger will resurface in BC

    Additionally, Liberals fear court rulings will disrupt strategies in both education and energy issues. The Supreme Court of Canada will probably give them a definitive and adverse ruling on the teacher's issues and the BC Appeal Court cannot continue to ignore SCOC directions that First Nations rights cannot be brushed aside and consultations with those groups must be meaningful, not merely advisory.

    So, will things be better politically in May 2017 than in September 2016? There is much uncertainty so the possibility of an early campaign rises. But the final decision depends on what happens in the next three months and what the private polls are telling Christy Clark’s puppet masters.


  7. Time to pull the corruption card, non disclosure agreements cannot be used to “cover up” a criminal act. The farce that was BC Rail was to keep, Campbell and other senior ministers off the stand, as well as from them “potentially” purjuring themselves, or “rolling over” and making a plea deal that would have sunk the liberal puppet masters.
    Using the definition of organized crime, one could make the case that manipulation of emails in such a case as in Ontario, could be construed as obstruction of justice, in the investigation of breach of trust and more serious fudicial matters related to the gas plant scandal.


  8. There must be a way to get the valuable research and work you have done, into the mainstream. This information is damning to the BC Liberals, their con artist associates, and party insider hacks. A way must be found to “educate” the voters here, with the real truth, not the rhetorical garbage that is spewed out by the BC Liberal propaganda machine. We have the truth in hand, we need the appropriate method to ensure its timely view and understanding, by the folks that need to be “educated”.
    Thanks Norm for your great work you have done.


  9. I haven't seen anyone mention the BC Hydro email encouraging customers to join “Team Power Smart” to get on line peak use warnings and spike notifications.

    Looks to me like we're being softened up for the start of time of day/use billing.


  10. “There must be a way to get the valuable research and work you have done, into the mainstream.”

    One way is to refer to Norm's site (with links) when you reply to stories in the major news, radio and television sites. I do this quite often — though when I see only four or five “likes” I wonder how many people are actually reading the comments section (certainly no one who only reads hard copies, such as the tens of thousands of Mike de Jongs out there.)

    Another step would be to include a link in a letter to the editor of local or provincial papers. This is rarely — if ever — done.

    During the last election, I was posting tear-off-paper ads at local coffee shops and community boards, with addresses of my favourite blog sites — including Norm's Laila's and good old Alex Tsakumis'. Everyone can do their part in getting the truth out. You can't force people to educate themselves… but you can at least make the material available.


  11. Laura Miller knows where the bodies are buried…BC Liberals are stuck with Laura Miller until the day they lose power…Same as how Christy Clark is stuck with Gordon Wilson, once you join arms with the unscrupulous…

    How many ex-Harper short pants wearing scofflaws did Christy Clark hire?..The flood of government advertising..

    Spend spend spend..

    The forces of yes..Yes we will fill advertiser's coffers, yes we will spin, yes we will spend the motherload of cash to win…

    Laure Miller who?


  12. I think the George Massey replacement bridge is going south, big time. This is bad news for Photo-op who wants to use the bridge as a backdrop for the next election. I see from an unscientific poll from one of the papers sees only 24% support for the new bridge. Now Van der Zalm has entered the fray which is bad news for the Liberals because he was a former transportation minister. Look what he did with the GST fiasco.

    Liberal stooge, Mayor Lois Jackson is just beginning to look foolish as is Hepner with their tolling musings.

    LNG is all but dead and Site C may loose the Liberals more votes than gain. I think Photo-op needs every devious person she can get to pull anther election rabbit out of the hat.

    I also detect a slight shift in the normally Liberal friendly MSN.

    If only the NDP awaken from their stupor and actually do something to thrust a wooden dagger through the heart of this malevolent government and their cast of grifters, cheats, footpads, SNC types and assorted developers and realtors.


  13. If only, Evil. If only. Perhaps, if there were a Business Plan for the bridge a scientific pol would show no support. I think you meant HST with respect to V der Z, but I welcome his efforts in any case. I think too that LNG is dead, and Site C should be. Its great to read a posting showing a little optimism!


  14. HST is correct. my mistake. There is no business plan for the bridge because the bridge is a “vanity” project to make announcements in front of for the election next year.

    Now I see the Zalm getting large media coverage by asking the question, which we all asked last fall, where the hell will the traffic go?

    I think Photo-op has been jetting around the world too long and has forgotten the traffic problems in Metro Vancouver. Just yesterday my better half was stuck in traffic (Sunday) at the Oak St. Bridge!!

    My crystal ball ha grown very dark, as the forces of evil, manifesting itself as the BC Liberals, start their campaign of terror, leading up to the next election. If the Liberals get reelected (which looks like Horgan and Co. are letting them do) kiss this province goodbye as it has been bled to death by every money grubbing huckster that donated to the BC Liberal Party.


  15. Re The Dean

    I have closely followed Palmer' words for a number of years. Just for 'fun' I took on a little project to monitor his performance. Like one of those pin maps indicating vehicle accidents, location and numbers… I stuck a pin into 'Vaughn the Sock Monkey Scribe' every time he spun, deflected, minimized the truth and or cheered for Christy and the Pirates.

    It was a futile exercise… I ran out of pins a long time ago.



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