BC Hydro

Liberal boondoggles

The looming disasters have two things in common. They are the work of government-controlled and politically manipulated Crown corporations. They are also the product of a deliberate push to produce clean, green and renewable carbon-free electricity…

That’s a quote from from an article last week by Terence Corcoran, an Ontario based National Post columnist.

Corcoran has years of experience writing from a right-wing point of view about business affairs. In Boondoggle: How Ontario’s pursuit of renewable energy broke the province’s electricity system, Corcoran examined a proponent’s views on the impacts of Ontario Liberal power policies:

…Asked whether the plan might lead to higher prices for consumers, “No,” said Dr. [Rick] Smith…“No. Not at all.”

[Environmental Defence Canada Executive Director] Smith was absolutely sure that Ontario’s campaign to become the North American leader in renewable energy would not be a burden on consumers. He had the facts, the study, and the numbers. Renewable is doable. “We’ve done some modelling on this and we’re talking a penny’s increase to your average person’s electricity bill,” he said. “Ontarians won’t even notice any impact on their electricity rates.”

The penny that nobody would notice on their bills has morphed into hundreds of dollars a year, in some cases a month, to the point where the premier of the province can’t mention the word “hydro” without getting booed…”

In the October 2016 article, Corcoran doesn’t mention British Columbia but in his recent piece, Canada’s green electricity bailouts make the Bombardier giveaway look like peanuts, Corcoran gives a cursory wave to the Site C dam and BC Hydro’s rapidly growing debt.

Not a word though about $10 billion paid to BC’s Independent Power Producers, most of it at 2x or 3x market value. Or the almost $60 billion to be paid to IPPs over the next few decades. (IPP deals impose an obligation of about $40,000 on each family in the province and the amount will grow because the contracts include inflation escalators.)


We know British Columbia’s major newspapers won’t tolerate a full and open discussion about electricity boondoggles that will be emptying western pockets long after many of us are departed.

Corcoran apparently lacks knowledge of the many disastrous energy decisions made by BC Liberals, but he did quote former Liberal Roger Grimes about the Muskrat Falls hydro power project now under construction. That installation began as a $6 billion project. Its cost is now almost $12 billion and growing. According to the former NL Premier, Muskrat Falls:

“will haunt all of us, unfortunately, for the rest of my life, my daughter’s life, my granddaughter’s life even.” 

Voters in BC ought to pay close attention to the fact that Liberals are a common factor of boondoggles in Newfoundland, Ontario and British Columbia. One of the commonalities is BC Liberal Executive Director Laura Miller, who still faces charges in Ontario related to her work in Dalton McGuinty’s government.

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  1. I’m much closer to the end than the beginning. However, I’m extremely agitated because of government’s willful irresponsibility and the unnecessary high costs that will be borne by our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren because of government’s greed. The worst part? Government will get away scot free every time. No wonder Christy is able to smirk so often…no doubt not possessing a discernable conscience must help prevent any sense of guilt. We certainly can see how much long term damage can be done by an immoral government in a short period of time.


  2. Hello Norm:

    We read about gullible seniors, widows and “the lonely” getting taken-in by door-to-door conman, email scams and BC Liberal television ads.
    Occasionally, these perpetrators are caught, prosecuted, fined and sometimes jailed. Assets can be seized under Proceeds of Crime legislation. Insider Traders can brought to justice by public shaming, trading prohibition and their licences revoked.

    Unfortunately, the current BC Liberals are immune. Shouldn’t privileged theft like “conflicts of interests” suffer the same fate?

    Company donations, campaign contributions and bribes are the main entrees at the fund raising date-for-a-plate affairs. Yet, the BC Liberals ethics and morals disappear at these events. Direct Awards Contracts seem to be the dessert. Stipends, now treated like spare-change, can only be found in the couch cushions.

    Why can’t BC taxpayers charge the BC Liberals and BC Hydro with a class action lawsuit, starting with all the violations of Site C Dam?

    If that isn’t possible, perhaps requests for the:
    Most Unethical Moments of the Site C Dam and BC Hydro
    … should be posted before the spending spree of the May 9th execution.

    Here are two articles worthy of review: BC Liberal Mistakes –



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  3. “(IPP deals impose an obligation of about $40,000 on each family in the province and the amount will grow because the contracts include inflation escalators.)”



  4. Reminds me of the Crooked Bonnie and Clyde. They are smiling because they have not yet been convicted?

    No surprise that Laura Miller gets such high praise from Christy Clark. Birds of a feather. Known by the company they keep and the deeds they do. Innocent until found guilty?


    • You can be sure the audited year end statements dated March 31 will NOT be public before the May 9 election. In fact, BC Hydro might still be sitting on the 3rd quarter report to December 2016.

      At this point, auditors KPMG must be getting uncomfortable about the way “regulatory” accounts are being used. It’s one thing to do smoothing over a few years; quite another thing to do the smoothing over decades or centuries.

      Anyone want to take that issue up with CPA Canada?


  5. Has bc finance minister gary collins ‘3 p’ amigos helped put British Columbians into so much debt? a five page speech from 2002

    Click to access ministers_speech.pdf

    Coincidentally, Partnership BC has had only two speeches in two successive years


    The second speech is twenty four pages long BUT there is a gold mine graph on page 6 shows british columbia’s debt doubling from 17 to 34 billion. Its time for an update, eh Norm.

    BCs rising debt from 1994 to 2004

    Click to access 05-28-03_boardoftrade_pres.pdf


  6. Christy Clark has a way of twisting the facts to promote her vision. Consider the twisted spin of benefits from LNG and BC Hydro’s Site C Dam.

    Picture the desperate smile of “Christy the Clown” at a Liberal birthday party. The performance offers a trial balloon, shaped and twisted like a farm animal – temporary as latex creatures filled with hot air.

    If the Liberals really want to create long term meaningful jobs in the north, they should be building a Prisons instead of the Site C Dam. The prison will be filled with the Liberals, guilty of conflicts of interest, accepting bribes and crimes against the environment.

    Half baked cakes with hidden RCMP investigation files within. (Insider BC Rail Sale, Big Pharma Health Firings, Crown Corporation cost-overruns and triple-deletes.)

    Proceeds from the sale of the cakes – sold to the highest donor. They will go toward the “Do Unto Others” conjugal housing units on site. The lost-soul premier has just donated one million dollars of YOUR tax dollars to HER Vancouver church (probably with 5 conditions).

    She must be praying that the Pearly Gates are not just holy smokin’ mirrors.We should expect a photo op with Donald Trump soon.

    The new Site C Prison will be full and will become a monument of provincial debt … an amusement Park for all BC taxpayers to enjoy.


  7. Well, so much for LNG. That’s last elections farce. Now on to Site C. How many jobs? As many as the $417 Million doctorless hospital in Kamloops? But, but, but for the price of Site C we could build 21 hospitals, (all without doctors)! But we need the energy. Yeah, check that out with tonyseba.com


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