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Blunders, haste and waste – UPDATED

To enhance the reading experience, a little musical accompaniment is provided with new pictures from the Peace River construction site of Site C.

Cracking seems to have grown worse on the unstable slopes above the river.



This photograph shows a partly built bridge to Eagle Island.


Damien Gillis produced a video about this site in the summer of 2015:

The balance of this item was published here February 17:

“Take time for all things: great haste makes great waste.”
Ben Franklin

We know the Premier vowed to get Site C dam past the “point of no return” before the May 2017 provincial election. Clark’s Liberals have their own reasons for Site C haste and these eventually will be revealed, perhaps by a postmortem report of an inquiry into the economic destruction of BC Hydro.

However, we do know that incautiously pushing a project forward can be costly. Unfortunately, the cost of error will fall not on decision makers but on taxpayers not wealthy enough to hide their income elsewhere.

This is from a report prepared in 2012 by BGC Engineering Inc. for BC Hydro’s Site C Unneeded Energy Project:

Much of the proposed reservoir shoreline is flanked by steep valley walls underlain by fine textured material composed of glaciolacustrine sands, silts and clays, silty colluvium, or shale bedrock. Most of these slopes have been mapped as unstable (Class V) or potentially unstable (Class IV)…

Areas mapped as slope stability class IV or V have a moderate to high (30-100%) likelihood of slope failures following disturbance…

Don Hoffmann provides evidence of slope failure in the form of photographs he took recently near the Peace River, site of Site C dam construction:


Thanks to Don Hoffmann for permitting these photographs to be published at In-Sights. All other rights reserved by Mr. Hoffmann.

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  1. What the hell folks, now that our business oriented government has bankrupt BC Hydro, once the jewel in our crown, whats another $10 Billion or do for power we don’t need and no customers? Just good business!


    • If not good business, at least good for business, if you’re Samsung, Accionona, Petrowest or another Driving Force privileged to profit from Site C.


  2. I hadn’t quite finished! The BC HYDRO DEBT at some $ 76 Billion was goof business because so many pals of the Liberal government made loads of money on their sweetheart deal and if not Christy’s political cronies, who else? It would be silly to leave it with the taxpayers and ratepayers who probably would just wasre it on food and shelter. And Site C is a very clever business move. You see it works like this – BC Hydro, commits $11Billion or so and by cleverly producing enetgy they don’t need and not being able to sell it, while builing very expensive dams on insecure terrain … I can see that you’re not paying attention and your minds are wandering just not able to grasp high finance like experienced our financial experts Christy Clark whose higher education includes flunking out of three top notch universites, and Rich Coleman whose record in handing out complicated parking tickets got him, so I’m told, into the Flatfoot Fiscal Hall of Fame. You see folks, you have to really understand high finsnce to break a hugely wealthy, successful energy compsny and a province at the same time and have money left over for substantial political pay-offs – if you can’t understand, you’ll just have to take Christy and Rich’s word for it. After all, with that handy trillion dollars soon to go into the Prosperity Fund and’ gee pretty soon I betcha, all our debts paid off, all from LNG we don’t have going to countries who don’t want it at prices too high for the non ecidtent market surely you can see that we’re all better off leaving matters of high finance to experts like Christy and the Cop and just relax and vote Liberal so they can finish the job of bankrupting the Province too. Don’t be stupid and vote those other buggers who made such a mess last time that they only left poor old Gordon Campbell a $5 billion surplus. Always go with the track record, folks, and let’s let Christy and the cop finish us off. Remember, YOU’RE IN CLEAN HANDS WITH CHRISTY!


    • I wouldn’t build a HOUSE on that ground, never mind a dam. I wonder how much they’ve allotted to downstream ‘benefits’ and this whole shebang gives way?


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