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  1. I spread the word and your website to all I know. (plus a few other sites) Such details in research, how can anyone believe what Christy and Co are spewing out. Shameful on the part of the government, and spending way to much on ads as opposed to really caring for BCers. Keep up the good work Norm, we are all discussing. Let’s hope and pray that the good people of BC vote with their hearts and heads come May for the good of all citizens in this province, especially those who aren’t as informed. We all need to get involved, get to the polls.


  2. Do you mind if I go slightly off topic Norm?
    I would like to know what a member of the BCUC does when they are not passing judgement on projects like Site C. Do they have a ‘day job’?
    Do they not have a moral obligation to ‘get up to speed’ to be in position to make a recommendation when John Horgan takes over the reins on May 9th and not wait until he instructs them to do a review?

    Along similar lines, what do Chrispy’s videographers do on their days off, like when she’s not in the Leg or off on a photo shoot. More to the point, what does she do when she’s not present? (At the hairdressers is nota valid excuse for her absence.)
    Back to the videographers. Do they have a ‘day job’? If they are on ‘standby’ like the paramedics, do they get the $2/hour standby rate or are they on full salary?
    How come we pay for, not ONE, but TWO of these positions? Are they advertised?


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