Meet the new boss? Nothing new here. Same old, same old boss…

Perhaps that “fantastically large broom” that BC Hydro's boss Chris O’Riley carries around, will come in handy for these upcoming new NDP-BC Hydro reviews. It should come in handy for sweeping old — or new — problems under the rug.

Rick Koechl & Mike Kroecher provided a more accurate picture of BC Hydro than offered by our cheerful politicians. This is a part of the article in Glacier Media’s Alaska Highway News:

Will reviews sweep BC Hydro problems under the rug?

…It seems our new energy minister would like to spin some good news for a change about BC Hydro’s financial situation. For instance, she has recently stated that Chris O’Riley, the newly appointed chief operating officer for BC Hydro, has been doing a “fantastic job … I am continually impressed.”

Lest we forget, only three months ago Mungall made an entirely different observation, stating BC Hydro was in a “financial mess.” Now, unless there are miracle workers in Hydroland and within the NDP, her latest comments are highly suspect.

Mungall further compliments O’Riley, stating he comes with a “fantastically large broom to clean up any mess.”

There’s that word again, fantastic.

Mungall concedes BC Hydro has a “brand new leadership team, and are able to take on the challenges that are before them.”

Not true. This is not a new team. O’Riley had been merely bumped up the line after the departure of Jessica MacDonald as CEO.

Brad Bennett is also gone as chair of the board of directors, along with Jack Weisgerber, who was immediately reappointed to the Williston Reservoir Fish and Wildlife Compensation Fund. The rest of BC Hydro’s board members have remained, along with the majority of the senior advisors and administrators at BC Hydro.

Meet the new boss? Nothing new here. Same old, same old boss…