Heroes, not victims

What follows was posted by a victim hero of the March 27 stabbing incident at North Vancouver’s Lynn Valley Library. Her generosity of spirit astounds me.

Hi everyone. This is a long one.

I am home and resting comfortably.  I am completely overwhelmed by all your support and love.  It means so much. I promise to get in touch with you all when I’ve had a little time.

Please, if you are thinking of donating to a go fund me for me, instead donate to the others who were hurt, and especially to the family of the lady who was killed.  I cannot give you her name, because I do not know it, but the pain her family is experiencing is something I have no words for.  They need love and unconditional support.

I will be fine, and anything I do receive will be going to either those who need it (the other five of us) or to mental health outreach support programs. I have a village and support network like no other, and I know that there are others who are not as fortunate.

If you do pray, please pray for the woman who died, that she can continue her journey with peace, and to the others, so they can heal, and to Lynn Valley.  The Village and library are the heart of our community and we WILL infuse it with joy again.

I am being called a hero, and I do not feel heroic at all because I couldn’t save her.  The real heroes are the community members who dove in to help- the off duty first-responders and nurses, the staff at Delany’s and Brown’s who pulled injured people inside and brought towels and napkins, the ordinary people who helped.

A woman I do not know clamped her hands on my neck to stop my spurting artery, I was told in hospital that her action saved my life.  She is a hero.

All of you who ran TO the horror and helped people, you are heroes.

The RCMP, firefighters and Paramedics-you are heroes every day and you proved it once again.  An officer put pressure on my neck-he took over for Ingrid the EMT when she had to help others in triage.  These are heroes.

My four students who took my screaming daughter away and cared for her-you are heroes.  The men who chased the attacker outside-YOU are heroes.

I don’t know anything about the young man who did this.  Evil is not always born, sometimes it is created, and he may have had absolutely no idea what he was doing.  He has his own story and in this journey of healing thoughts of anger are normal, but hate is never normal.

These are my thoughts, and others will have theirs and that is the way it should be.  The most important thing is that we gather in time, to rise up and bring joy back to Lynn Valley. One horrible act is just that—one.

On Saturday so many beautiful acts happened, and we must take comfort in this.  Our community is very special, and we will take back our Village.

Love will prevail as always.

I will be quiet for a while.  I have a lot to work through.  Thank you for your love and compassion. I send it back in infinite amounts.

Luminous beings are we.


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