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Reduced activity here will continue for a while. While treating me for a now four-month-old case of shingles, medics found a heart disorder that needs attention. I’ve been quickly in and out of Lions Gate Hospital and Vancouver General for diagnostic procedures and doctors will soon decide if the problem should be addressed by minimally invasive techniques or by open heart surgery.

Lucky for me, wife Gwen is one the most experienced cardiac care nurses in the province. With the help of many fine professionals working in BC healthcare, there is an excellent chance I, or at least parts of me, will soon be new and improved.

I must add thanks to readers who contribute useful commentary and provide financial support that keeps this website active in its fifteenth year. I hope it can go another ten years.

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  1. Best wishes for a great and quick recovery. Been there myself and our BC medical talent did a good job. Regards Erik


  2. I hope a very quick recovery, be well, Shingles is a scourge and I hope you recover from it without too much difficulty.

    Take good care.


  3. Hang in there Norm. There are great and highly skilled doctors in your
    neck of the woods that will get you back up and running in good form.


  4. Norm, if you’ve been doing all this with an impaired ticker, I can’t wait to see what’s in store when you’re refurbished. Those who are made uncomfortable by your work had best gird their loins in anticipation.

    Happy to hear you’re in good hands.


  5. Nasty as shingles can be…you were fortunate in that it revealed your cardiac issue. All thoughts and energy to your speedy recovery!!


  6. Shingles, yikes that is nasty. But at least while the doctors were dealing with that they discovered a cardiac situation. The good thing about cardiac issues is most of them can be repaired/fixed, etc. quite quickly these days. VGH has a great department for all things related to the heart. they can give you a new heart, pace makers, by passes, etc. You name it they can do it and you’ll be as good as new. O.K. the knees don’t improve so much but you ought to get another 30 years or so out of the body once the heart problems have been resolved.

    sorry to read, about your health issues. PLEASE recovery soon. You did marry very well, cardiac nurse, very smart.

    Take care of yourself. We will all learn to cope and adjust to fewer posts for awhile as the mature individuals we all are. We can always go back and read old posts and see what has changed in politics………….


  7. Having experienced shingles I know exactly what you are going thru. Mine centred on the space between eye & eyebrow, expanding up over skull and down to neck. Eye swollen shut & years of pain. Brushing hair etc was excruciating.
    Again as others say, you at least get one good thing out of it! A life saving diagnosis.
    Very happy you are in good hands.
    Haven’t been able to access your blog for a long time now. No idea why. No idea if this time will work.


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