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"Some cultures would call us elders, think we’re cool and listen to us"

In a comment at an earlier article, Alison Creekside – a fine blogger you should read regularly – linked to this 2009 video of MLA Corky Evans. He talked about BC Liberals turning loose a private power gold rush but it was one that sluiced only half a billion a year. This year it will be closer to one and a half billion and the contracts BC Hydro has already signed total almost $60 billion. The number continues growing.

Georgia Straight, no longer underground


Usually devoid of meaningful arguments and information, most articles on British Columbia politics take but a moment to read. This Martyn Brown piece is entirely different. It is superior to a month’s worth of commissioned articles and press release rewrites from members of the Legislative Press Gallery. It is written by a man who spent years at the heart of Gordon Campbell’s Liberal Governments and he knows the current players well…

Corky Evans departs


Political columnist Charles Campbell said, “It doesn’t matter who gets elected on May 12. The B.C. legislature will be significantly poorer for the absence of Corky Evans.” According to Wikipedia, “Evans is noted for his folksy and homespun yet politically sophisticated oratory.” Speaking during legislative debate on March 12, retiring Evans proved both statements correct: