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Liberal parallels

Graeme Hamilton, National Post, writes about the stain of suspected corruption in Quebec: “. . . the Quebec Federation of Labour joins, among others, the three opposition parties in the National Assembly, Quebec’s […]

Pernicious solar flare

Sun Stenographer Jonathan Fowlie provides Campbell absent when Bill Bennett given the axe: “Premier Gordon Campbell was absent from the cabinet room this morning when Bill Bennett was asked to step down as energy minister, The Vancouver […]

Dear Colin . . .

A valued member of our little blog community, reader Warren White of Victoria, wrote this letter to Colin Hansen. Like others, Warren is out of patience with unprincipled politicians and the corporate […]

Oh, the horror!

Wow, the BC Liberal Government and ideologues in Canada’s newspaper salespaper industry sure think we are stupid. Wednesday, Elections BC announced the question to be voted upon in British Columbia: “Are you […]