Reader support, the inevitable ask

Thanks to readers who already provide financial support. This enables IN-SIGHTS to deliver fact-based analyses of public issues.

Work on these pages is funded by private citizens. If you can help, any sum is appreciated. Assistance, whether by a one-time amount or by monthly contributions, defrays ongoing costs for research, computer equipment, software, internet access, and website domain and hosting charges.

Unlike many web pages, IN-SIGHTS contains no advertising and takes no sponsorships from special interests.

Reader contributions also assist occasional travels to Victoria and other BC places, visits that help me be better informed and stay in touch with public officials and private sources.

To keep all articles published here since 2009, I need to upgrade data storage provided by WordPress. Frankly, based on current contributions, I cannot afford to do this and will have to delete older content.

—– Norm Farrell —–

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