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CBC offered “pure propaganda”

If one looks at economic disasters of the past, one thing is certain. Warning signs were obvious to people who paid close attention but were ignored by the rest. You can be sure that Erik Andersen’s concern arises from paying attention to rising debt levels and how the ordinary public will ultimately be left with an unaffordable burden.

Breaking news broken

Government forecasts that four year natural gas royalties total, 2017 through 2020, may be $926 million but that doesn’t deduct any growth in production tax credits that industry is accruing but government is not recording. In the past four years, the liability to producers increased by $1,158 million. If the liability for unrecorded credits – amounts that can be deducted from future royalties – continues to grow at the rate of the past four years, BC will receive no net gas royalties, provided that a more honest government begins to record the liability. There is already $2+ billion owed to producers.

Soft landings

Another change in BC Premier Christy Clark’s office, Andrew MacLeod, The Tyee, May 2, 2012 The Premier’s office is now Scott free, which conveniently fixes a CBC problem. They had refused to […]

CBC conflict of interest complaints upheld

Another issue to address is that CBC’s news management in the Pacific region has exposed their own poor judgment and their stubborn refusal to be accountable to reasonable citizen complaints. The relationship between news consumers and news presenters requires trust. CBC’s Vancouver management has damaged that trust.