Calling a spade a spade

CBC Legislative Bureau Chief Stephen Smart reports fully and fairly when his wife’s employer deserves to be in the news. Well, at least that is what CBC says.

As intelligent skeptics, we should ignore their words and judge their actions. Consider a current example.

The employer of Mr. Smart’s wife, known here as Premier Photo-Op,  is indisputably embarrassed by connections to Jaspal Atwal, a man convicted of attempted murder in a crime planned to achieve political purposes – a crime shockingly at odds with Canadian tradition.

Well read pundits and reporters in British Columbia — Michael Smyth, Alex Tsakumis, Les Leyne, Kim Bolan, Bill Tieleman, Ian Reid, etc. — had much to say about Christy Clark and Jaspal Atwal.

The CBC? Not a word. Here is the result of a Sunday morning search at CBC News.

I filed another complaint with CBC Ombudsman, this time alleging a specific example of bias in reporting on BC politics. Kirk LaPointe has already determined that Stephen Smart’s involvement as primary political reporter on the BC Government, while his wife works as a politically appointed media officer for the Premier, is problematic. CBC executives rejected that position and told LaPointe to take a hike.

Our earlier complaints were based on the broad situation. Now, we require the CBC to answer to a specific instance of bias. Readers can initiate their own complaints by following the link in the preceding paragraph.

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  1. I've noticed the exact same however I didn't expect much more either. Just as Tom Fletcher keeps filling his website with teachers walking out, there is nothing about Christy & Criminals. The CBC did post the Telus news conference but did not open it for comments. Could it be that they didn't want someone mentioning that close to a billion dollars in it's big announcement is coming from BC Taxpayers ? Something the CBC failed to mention and the hundreds of thousand Telus has donated to the Liberals. Nothing much has changed Norm, but I do have a feeling something big will soon hit ALL the news. One can only hope.

    Guy in Victoria


  2. I notice your list of pundits commenting on Atwal did not include Vaughn Palmer. I guess that Liberal mouthpiece would rather talk about teachers. Murderers get a pass but not folks that want better public education.

    Gawd. How does that guy have any credibility. He should give up the newspaper column and focus on giving media advice to the corporations that want to screw the public.


  3. i've determined for my self thaat CBC has no tv news service anymore for british columbia. The problem isn't stephen smart. It's the whole crew.


  4. Oh, you are absolutely correct. The problem is not Stephen Smart.

    He's just a faceless face. The folks behind the curtain are the ones who decide what you and I see. They're like the emperor in the tale by Hans Christian Andersen. He knew he wore fine clothes. The reality was entirely different.

    Real journalists at CBC must cringe each time this story is raised because it damages their own credibility. However, the executives, Jennifer Maguire et al, still draw six-figure salaries while they ruin the corporation's reputation. But, that's ok because Harper and friends want to see the CBC destroyed anyway. There is no better way than doing it from the inside.


  5. I'm hoping for two things: One that Harper privatizes the CBC and the second is Christy is gone this week. I noticed a negative writeup from Palmer about Dix and as soon as all the posts starting filling up with items about Atwal, that writeup of his disappeared completely from the Sun site… sad state of affairs in our news wordl. Thanks for providing an exceptional site I visit all the time.


  6. I wonder if Mr. Smart and/or his wife could tell us what's happened to our missing Premier? She's been gone since Friday with nary a word and I'm starting to be a bit concerned. Not like her to drop off the face of the earth like that, especially when there are photo ops to attend….


  7. Everyone I know is waiting and watching this whole charade and taking note of which 'journalists' are investigating. I know they could lose their jobs if they actually did their jobs … but it's time.


  8. It seems unfortunate but I think it's time to create an email group of every CBC reporter and program east of the Rockies and all independent news sources so that some of these stories are followed up on. There is no traction in slippery BC. I hear about less egregious things on The Current and Fifth Estate than what is going on right here in BC under everyone's nose regarding BC Rail, the Premier, education, health care, non zero bureaucracy, ….


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