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A special day

Some folks think social media is a toxic cesspool and avoid it. Other search for valuable content and find it. Many have found Zachery Dereniowski, creator of this video, which had had about 10 million views when embedded here.

Learning politics

A British television series broadcast in the 1980s may explain public administration better than any political science journal or textbook. This video clip from Yes Prime Minister could be about British Columbia’s approach to climate change, or it could be about the BC NDP’s response to COVID-19, or flooding, or about any emergency that confronts the province.

Vancouver Town

Rolf Harris was a popular entertainer in Vancouver during the 1960s and early 1970s. I enjoyed him numerous times performing at The Vancouver Cave Supper Club on Hornby Street. Later in the UK, he was disgraced.

Porky pies

Porky Pies: Cockney slang for Lies. New York Times is willing to broadcast this about the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I doubt they’ve done likewise for American Presidents, particularly the recent one who had even less regard for truth than Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

Taxpayer dollars at work

This is a video of an interview conducted in England with a consultant who worked for British Columbia when the Campbell government was awarding information technology contracts. His work was much admired by BC Liberals because it fit their style of conducting public business.