Vancouver Town

Rolf Harris was a popular entertainer in Vancouver during the 1960s and early 1970s. I enjoyed him numerous times performing at The Vancouver Cave Supper Club on Hornby Street. Later in the UK, he was disgraced.

Harris ended up in jail. In 2014, he was sentenced to almost six years for 12 indecent assaults on four teenage girls between 1968 and 1986. He was paroled in 2017.

Harris was known for numerous versions of his song Vancouver Town. A few verses:

Harris as Jake the Peg

I hit Vancouver in the blazing sun,
on the 9th of February ’61.
And from the 10th of February through ’til May,
it rained in port all night and day.

(Chorus) The more they try to keep me down,
the better I live in this here town.
Yeah, the more they try to grind you down,
the better I like Vancouver Town.

I can see those tankers sailing down,
with Alaskan oil all shlurpping round.
They’ll take a sip from Trudeau’s cup,
and leave our coast all fuddle-duddled up...

I passed a church and I had a grin,
there’s a sign said “Tired of sin, come in.”
And written in lipstick loud and clear,
“well, if not, phone this number here.”

Now there were two wild Kelowna boys,
and Bennett was their name.
They bought some land and sold some land,
and made a capital gain.
And when their daddy spoke to them,
in accents loud and shrill.
They said we merely followed the lead
of the sons of Flying Phil.

Hat tip to @SusanFDe who mentioned this on Twitter, and to Vancouver Pop Sounds for the lyrics and interesting background like this example of government wealthcare programs assisting people in need:

In 1968 Gaglardi came under fire in the legislature over re-occurring allegations of preferred highway access to property owned by his sons, use of departmental facilities to provide sign material and construction to benefit their properties, and departmental work performed on his private property. 

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  1. Liked the last verse. Ah it does bring back memories of the Galardi and Bennett years.

    When I lived in the Comox Valley, they named the Christian school after Flying Phil and his wife. I couldn’t stop laughing and people asked me why. I’d tell therm what I knew and what some people had told me about Flying Phil from way back in the day prior to getting into politics. They could do a movie on it.

    When we talk about the B.C. Lieberals today and their antics people don’t know what before that name there was the Socreds and if you know their history, the B.C. Lieberals just followed an old tradition.


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