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Delay, legislate, litigate, repeat

On November 10, Canada’s highest court reinstated Madam Justice Griffin’s 2014 judgement that found BC had bargained with teachers in bad faith and breached the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. She awarded BCTF $2 million in damages. This high court action should conclude a dispute that has gone on since 2002 but, as long as British Columbia’s government follows the circular pattern described by this article’s title, it will not. Contempt for teachers is only one aspect of BC Liberal antipathy for public education.

Heroes and victims

Being troubled by patriotic zealotry and glorification of war, I feel vaguely discomforted by Remembrance Days, particularly when craven politicians take centre stage at memorials. While struggling to find words that conveyed […]

We Won

The title refers to BC’s 2013 election. It was stated by a “Proud American.” When he said that, Krishnan Suthanthiran did not mean that citizens of the province were victors. More about […]

Harper channels Nixon

Harper’s Audit-the-Enemy Strategy Fulfills Nixon’s Dream, Mark Grandia, DESMOG CANADA “…Not only do we now know that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office maintains a political enemy list, we also saw an extra […]