Dangerous charity caught in Harper Government web

Environmental charities ‘laundering’ foreign funds, [Minister of the Environment Peter] Kent says, CBC News, May 1, 2012

Some charitable environmental groups in Canada are “laundering” funds from offshore donors to obstruct Canada’s environmental assessment process, Environment Minister Peter Kent says.

Kent made the comment Tuesday in a wide-ranging interview on CBC’s Power & Politics when asked by host Evan Solomon to clarify a comment he made earlier on CBC Radio’s The House.

In The House interview that aired Saturday, Kent said the government has been concerned charitable agencies have been used “to launder offshore foreign funds for inappropriate use against Canadian interest.”

One year and $5 million later, Harper’s charity crackdown nets just one bad egg, Kate Webb, Metro News Vancouver, March 30, 2012

“An $8-million pot of money included in last year’s federal budget to crack down on charities suspected of engaging in “excessive” political activities has so far resulted in only one having its charitable status revoked, out of nearly 900 that were audited.

“…But Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) spokesman Philippe Brideau said after roughly 880 audits in the last year, the only charity whose status was revoked for exceeding limits on political activity was Physicians for Global Survival, a group dedicated to the promotion of nuclear disarmament.

“A CRA audit found the organization was using 26 per cent of its resources for political activities, including a letter-writing campaign urging Prime Minister Stephen Harper, party leaders and MPs to support an international treaty banning nuclear weapons.”

Turns out former Global TV broadcaster Peter Kent is right. The doctors behind Physicians for Global Survival are embarked on a radical course, even overtly asking Canadians to send letters to politicians. The evidence of danger is clear. Hidden in plain sight, on the home page of the PGS website, is their manifesto, listing five objectives:

  • Abolish nuclear weapons;
  • Prevention of war;
  • Non-violent conflict resolution;
  • Social justice;
  • A sustainable world.

Records held by the Government of Canada demonstrate PGS has financial resources to at least partly fund their stratagem. In addition to cash on hand, they have long term investments of almost $18,000 and capital assets of another $3,000. With a little less than $300 billion in annual revenues, the Canadian government is strained to fight that sort of muscle.

Nevertheless, fight they must because an organization like Physicians for Global Survival would get in the way if Bruce Power resurrects its plans to build nuclear power plants in Alberta for resource extraction. And, if Project Oilsand, an old proposal to exploit the tar sands with underground nuclear explosions, is brought back to life, these radical doctors would be opposed.

Perhaps through the sniffing of CSIS, Ministers Peter Kent and Joe Oliver, along with Prime Minister Harper, know additional schemes planned by these agitators. Perhaps there is a document hidden away that would reveal all, maybe the Protocols of the Elders of 30 Cleary Ave, Ottawa.

I have it on good authority this Canadian charity is associated with radicals outside our borders, the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. That group has a goal of global pacifist hegemony by subverting the morals of militarists and warmongers.

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  1. Norm, I think you might be wrong about them having financial resources. After revoking their charitable status, CRA may impose a 100% revocation tax.


  2. This is not the Canada I was born into 9 months after World War II ended. Despite 80 million or more dead, humankind learned little. The Harperistas learned even less. This week, they continued withdrawal from United Nations programs and now we learn they want to join the ranks of international arms dealers. Phhhhht!


  3. Since when does Peter Kent retain or deserve a shred of credibility regarding anything to do with Canada's environment ? I'm open to suggestion regarding a single effort Peter Kent has made to uphold his job description and mandate. Peter Kent is entrenching himself as a complicit laundryman, bagman, mouthpiece and robo-shill for Harper and the PMO and their continuous and explicit attacks on Canada's environment.

    To this point, the highlight of his era has been as the pointman of the cowardly litigation, bluster, delay & retreat against the Federal Courts edict that the Harper Government and Ministry of The Environment must execute their legal mandate to enact protective legislation and actions to protect species declared endangered.

    After approx five years of obstruction, denial and malicious ignorance, it was decided that poisoning and shooting wolves was the required legislation and action. To suggest Kent's policy and actions were not driven via Harper and the PMO is ludicrous. In fairness to Mr Kent it appear he is simply a weakling put in place to process the dictates of his superiors.

    The Ministry should be re-named as The Harper Ministry Against The Environment. And I do not suggest that in jest.. but in fact.

    The actions from the top down of Harper, the PMO, Kent, Joe Oliver and Keith Ashfield speak for themselves.
    The empty rhetoric, attacks, denials, posturing and propaganda are smokescreens for destructive, devious environmental criminals.


  4. I would presume that the Fraser Institution for radical right wing nut-bars would be one of these subversive organizations as they receive funds from the US based Koch Bros, to the tune of about 500 thousand K a year.
    And we can't forget that organizations supported by “foreign socialist billionaires” are funding opposition to the Enbridge pipeline.
    The Harper Government reign of terror will go down as the very darkest time in Canada.s history.



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