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Following Liberal defeat in the Nanaimo byelection, Global TV reporter Sarah MacDonald talked to Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson for the 11pm newscast. Breathlessly, she asked what is probably the worst question in the history of BC political reporting…

Actions inconsistent with innocence

During its years in power, BC Liberals remade British Columbia. While the provincial economy grew, the fortunes of ordinary people declined, for the first extended period ever. Beneficiaries of change had demanded redistribution of wealth to the disadvantage of all but a few. The end result was not incidental or accidental.

"Are we missing something?"

I’ve discussed stenographic journalists who publish statements without appraisal, fact checking or balance, even when controversial or questionable allegations are repeated. The usual justification is that somebody said something and reporters merely […]

This guy rants and raves…

The esteemed Columbia Journalism Review, published bi-monthly by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, gets involved in examining how Canadian media has addressed the G20 demonstrations and police counteractions.  Craig Silverman […]